Biotech Partners Undertakes Life Science Recruiting Services For Clients Nationally

Biotech Partners, a Charlotte, NC based company, would like to announce the availability of their Biotech recruiting services. The company focuses on recruiting top talent in the life science industry. From pharmaceutical and biotech to medical devices and CROs, Biotech Partners has a deep understanding of the life sciences, and they are genuinely interested in research and development. Their ultimate goal is to help advance the future of medicine.

According to Biotech Partners’ website, the biotech sector is thriving. The FDA is moving toward approving more and more new drugs, and advances in disease research are leading to the development of cutting edge new treatments. Genetics and immunology have caused a great deal of change in how medicine is developed and how treatments are deployed.

“With our niche focus in the biotech sector, our search consultants understand both the nuances of our clients’ business and the challenges in the marketplace,” Biotech Partners says. “Medical research is undergoing rapid change, as the life science industry faces increasing pressure to develop new and innovative ways to save and improve patients’ lives. Evolving regulatory environments, managing the costs of R&D and providing value to shareholders and sponsors create key challenges for CROs, requiring our clients to hire highly skilled professionals to continue innovating and overcome these challenges. Through medical research experience and years of focus in the life sciences, our search consultants have developed a deep understanding of the CRO industry, helping organizations fill highly-specialized roles with skilled professionals who are both technical and cultural fits, in areas such as monitoring, biostatistics and project management.”

Biotech Partners’ life science recruiting services cover three main areas: pre-clinical, clinical and commercial. The recruiter specializes in recruiting services for roles in pre-clinical research and development across multiple areas, such as analytical laboratory services, drug safety and much more. Their clinical recruiting services focus primarily on Placement for roles in trial research for fields like clinical management, trial management, medical writing and medical affairs. The third area in which Biotech Partners specializes is recruiting for commercial roles in the life science industries, whereby the focus is on placement in business development, IT consulting, marketing, sales and a number of other areas.

Every candidate from Biotech Partners follows a 6-step success process. The first step is identification, which involves analysis of the specifics of a given position, the gathering of requirements and result-oriented experience which sells company attributes so the most successful candidate is chosen. The second step is research, which involves strategic planning for the most effective methods of sourcing target candidates. Following this, assessment combines behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques to ensure that candidates possess all the necessary skills to perform their duty. The fourth step is recruiting, which uses an extensive database of candidates and companies to find the right candidate to fill a particular role. The candidate is then put through a careful interview process to ensure a smooth hiring process before finally being accepted.

A large number of Biotech Partners’ clients have left good reviews of the recruiting service. Jumpshot, one of their clients, left a review online that states, “I would not have gone through it if I didn’t have faith in them. I’ve worked with many recruiters — it’s difficult to find someone you can trust, recruiters who have your best interest at heart. That’s why I went to Ross. He’s an honest dealer, someone who is taking the time to hire.”

Another client, Alta Sciences, says, “We worked for three years with our recruiting director. He had a great level of communication and responsiveness.” The review concludes, “he had a better understanding of the person we needed. He engaged, listened and was active on my suggestions.”

For more information on Biotech Partners and their recruiting services, visit the company’s LinkedIn profile here: Biotech Partners - LinkedIn. The company has done a great deal in terms of recruitment for the life sciences industry and aims to continue changing the life sciences field. A number of big names in the industry rely on Biotech Partners to thoroughly vet all candidates and find top talent in any related industry.


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