Big Easy Iron Works Explains How a New Orleans Fence Contractor Can Beautify the Home and Yard

Big Easy Iron Works, an iron structures contractor in New Orleans, LA, has explained how a New Orleans fence contractor can beautify both the yard and the home in a new blog post. A high-quality fence will not just provide additional curb appeal for the home but can also enhance security, especially if there are young kids or pets in the family.

A spokesperson for Big Easy Iron Works says, “Is a fence right for you and your situation? After all, can’t your escape-artist terrier still dig under the fence to escape? Will you still be spied on by your neighbors? Are there options to improve the security of your premises? There are as many types of fences as there are reasons to have a fence. Some of the problems that our clients face, before installing a fence, have included: unclear boundaries of the yard with respect to the neighbor’s yard; awkward view of the neighbor’s yard; neighbors with young kids or pets often find themselves in the wrong yard; adventurous kids and pets who were always going beyond the boundary of the yard; the presence of trespassers; and desire to boost the home value.”

The fence can be used to block the view of the neighbor to provide privacy. Or it could be a fence that prevents the client’s dog or the neighbor’s dog from digging under the fence and escaping. They can also build a customized wrought iron fence that matches the client’s yard style. Big Easy Iron Works has developed the reputation of being a provider of premium fencing services. The factors that make them stand out among their competitors to include their team of professional welders who are skilled and experienced to provide customized wrought iron fences; careful installation of the fence that considers all of the aesthetic and practical needs of the yard; and the fact that they have been in the business for 30 years.

They can provide different types of fences. These are the: traditional fences, such as picket fences to add aesthetic value to the garden and/or house; wood fences that can be used to enhance privacy and block wind or sound; plantation fences, which enhance home security and add to the historical value of the home; and customized iron fences that are developed from scratch to match the homeowner’s aesthetic vision.

Big Easy Iron Works can also provide other iron structures for the home. These include single gates, double gates, slide gates, swing gates, or other one-of-a-kind gates for the driveway; decorative iron bars for windows, doors, and a security system; a porch enclosure to provide security; and more.

They can also provide the construction of quick-release fire exit doors. This ensures that the fire exits are locked from the outside to prevent the entry of thieves and other criminals while also ensuring that the fire exit door can be easily opened from within when there is a fire or emergency. They can provide an emergency egress lock that enables fast exit during an emergency, typically requiring only a single action to both unlock and open the fire exit door or window. A quick-release fire exit door can be locked from the outside to prevent unauthorized entry but it is always unlocked from the inside.

Big Easy Iron Works can also provide iron railings for exterior or interior use. Ornamental railings are quite popular in New Orleans, These are based on the iron balconies that were fashionable in the middle of the nineteenth century in Europe, with the Spanish and French immigrants bringing them to the city so that New Orleans came to be known as the “city of iron lace.” Big Easy Iron Works can provide wrought iron railings that follow local tradition while offering durability, elegant and classical aesthetics, customized railings, and more.

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