Beyond Yards Is Offering Lawncare & Snow Removal Services In Lancaster, MA

Beyond Yards, a lawn & property maintenance company in Lancaster, MA, is offering snow removal services for the winter season. Readers can find out more about the company and its services by heading over to its website at

Lancaster averages around 48 inches of snow per year which is slightly higher than the average snowfall over the entire state of Massachusetts (44 inches). Owing to climate change and backed by statistics collected from across the state, it is estimated that the recorded snowfall is going to steadily increase for the foreseeable future. In 2003, the state recorded the largest snowstorm in Massachusetts history. Since then, the snowfall in the state has been higher compared to any other 15 year period dating back to when the state started keeping records of snowfall in the late 1800s.

Deposits of snow if not handled in time, harden and form icy surfaces that are a hazard for both pedestrians and vehicles. According to statistics from, based on 68 reports filed in Lancaster, snowy conditions were a factor in 2.9% of all fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents. According to national statistics, each year, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy pavements and 15 percent happen during snowfall or sleet. It, therefore, becomes imperative to make sure that the driving conditions on the street are safe before venturing out to resume daily life or getting supplies. Thankfully, snow removal services provided by companies such as Beyond Yards are life-saving utilities that can make the difference between a safe or tragic holiday season.

Beyond Yards’ snow removal services in Lancaster and Bolton, Massachusetts, are the perfect option for busy residents to be able to leave their homes in a safe and productive manner. The company can show up at the client’s doorstep at short notice and clear out key sections of the street or areas within their private property to make sure that important life events or critical chores are not delayed due to poor weather.

Chris Halpin, owner of Beyond Yards talks about his passion for helping the town’s residents by saying, “Heavy snowfall can throw a wrench in any plan but some tasks just cannot be delayed, regardless of the conditions outside. If you are itching to get your vehicle out or want to make sure that the snow in your driveway is taken care of, give Beyond Yards a call. Our snow plowing services include residential plowing, driveway plowing, commercial plowing, parking lot plowing, and emergency plowing. We will show up on time and make short work of all your snow removal challenges. Our clients laud us for our punctuality and professionalism and we can’t wait to lend you a helping hand.”

Beyond Yards also provides lawn maintenance services such as residential lawn mowing, commercial lawn mowing, edging of walkways and beds, and clearing hard surfaces of debris. Its landscape maintenance services include residential landscape maintenance, commercial landscape maintenance, spring clean up, fall clean up, yard clean up, storm clean up, mulch installation, bush trimming, hedge trimming, and shrub trimming.

The company’s full range of property management, maintenance, and handyman services includes rental property management, rental property turnover, rental property flips, assistance for landlords in various aspects, painting, pressure washing, mailbox installation, and replacement, doorknob changes, door lock changes, swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool repair, swimming pool cleaning, preventative maintenance, light carpentry, toilet repair, unclogging drains, fence installation, fence repair, assembling items, installing items, and a number of other odd jobs. The company says that the aforementioned list is not exhaustive and they might be able to connect the client with other contractors if they don’t offer the needed service themselves.

Beyond Yards primarily serves the towns of Lancaster and Bolton and can also extend its services to nearby areas in Massachusetts such as Clinton, Harvard, Lunenburg, Stow, and Sterling upon request. The company can be contacted at the phone number 978-201-4588 or at the email address as well as their Facebook page.


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