Bexley Dental Is Educating Patients On The Differences Between Invisalign Vs Smile Direct Club

Bexley Dental, a dental clinic in Bexley, NSW, is educating patients on the difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club.

Invisalign is the leading clear aligner (invisible braces for teeth straightening) company in the world. However, they are considered the most expensive. There have been a number of competitors that entered the market in recent years, and one of the more prominent competitors is a company called Smile Direct Club. Bexley Dental is appealing to the people who are considering adult teeth straightening procedure, to know the difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club.

Invisalign vs Smile direct club

Clear aligners were first launched in 2000 by Align Technology when the company offered an alternative to traditional braces with their Invisalign product. The aim was to straighten teeth without the need for brackets and wires, but instead by using clear plastic trays otherwise known as aligners. The company has since seen huge success with its innovative solution and millions of patients have been treated with the Invisalign product.

Due to its success, it came as no surprise that alternatives appeared on the market. The biggest amongst them being Smile Direct Club, who in 2014 launched its clear aligner product. The idea was to take teeth straightening to the next level, offering patients an at-home solution. And the company even partnered with the same, Align Technology, albeit briefly, to produce some of its aligners.

As both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club, while on the surface seem to do the same thing, the aligners are comparable, they actually greatly differ, especially in terms of treatment method. Traditional braces use brackets that are cemented onto the teeth and attached by wires to apply a gentle yet constant force on teeth. Aligners, in a similar way, use consistent pressure to move teeth. However, instead of brackets, they use a series of trays that are custom-made for each patient based on impressions. Aligners are removable in order for teeth to be cleaned and are almost invisible, offering a discreet treatment option.

There are 3 main differences in the debate between Invisalign Vs Smile Direct. Firstly, Invisalign is entirely supervised by professional dentists and orthodontists. Smile Direct Club, while still using dentists and orthodontists in a remote fashion, is self-administered at home by the patient. In the latter, the patient is responsible for creating molds of their teeth, observing the process, and monitoring its success.

Secondly, Smile Direct Club market their product as an aligner to straighten teeth, and that is what they do. They openly tell their customers that they don’t fix overbites or underbites or severe misalignments, they purely straighten teeth. While this may seem suitable, it doesn’t account for unknown issues that need resolving or, issues that may occur during the teeth straightening process. Invisalign, on the other hand, works to straighten the teeth, correct the bite, and protect ongoing dental health.

Finally, as Smile Direct Club offers no face-to-face interaction with dental professionals, the cost is lower. However, while this can be a tempting prospect, it comes with a significant level of risk. Patients must self-administer their treatment, hoping for the same results without a personalized treatment plan or the direct support of an orthodontist.

Rachel Stevens, a spokesperson for Bexley Dental talks about the benefits of Invisalign by saying, “By choosing Invisalign with a certified provider, you are entrusting your oral health to a professional. You will be able to correct more than the cosmetics of your smile. You can correct your bite and treat severely misaligned teeth. With Invisalign, not only will your smile look great, but you can be confident that your bite is healthy, keeping your teeth and oral health on track for the future. At Bexley Dental, we have our patient’s best interests and oral health at heart. We can give you the highest quality care and help you achieve the best possible results with Invisalign aligners.”

Patients can reach out to Bexley Dental on their phone number (02) 9567 4151. There is also an Online Enquiry form on their website.


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