Best Wholesale Diamonds In TX Now Available Online

Dallas, TX-based Shira Diamonds is pleased to offer their community access to an unparalleled selection of wholesale diamonds for every occasion. Customers are welcome to browse the company’s offerings online at their convenience, following which they may contact Shira Diamonds directly to schedule a private viewing experience tailored specifically for their needs. Learn more about the company and its intriguing position in the diamond industry at the following link: Best Wholesale Diamonds Online Seller In Dallas, TX.

Despite being based online, Shira Diamonds has worked hard to give its customers an unmatched, premium experience. In addition to the sheer convenience they provide, the company’s lack of a traditional brick-and-mortar presence means they are able to offset many operating costs, and these savings are passed on to the customer, making even the most exquisite pieces more affordable. With two years of experience manufacturing wholesale diamonds and diamond engagement rings, Shira Diamonds is proud to share its appreciation of the industry with a wider community.

The company is also aware that discerning customers want more than quality in their diamonds. Each diamond has to be sourced responsibly and in line with best practices, which is why the company exclusively works with the industry’s most reputable diamond mines: Debeers and Alrosa. This further means that all of the diamonds brought to a customer’s consideration at Shira Diamonds are conflict-free.

A detailed, top-rated Google review from Sasha A. says, “I first considered Shira diamonds due to the sheer amount of positive reviews online, and the fact they are perceived as Gurus when it comes to designing custom engagement rings on most budgets. I had the chance to meet with Kfir, he took care of me, and was able to realize for myself how true all the positive reviews were and the above-and-beyond customer service he provided! From the moment I met with him, he was fully transparent and honest about the things I should consider.”

The review adds, “He was able to guide me through the entire process as we designed the custom engagement ring together, and even made a few tweaks to the proposed design that worked more in my favor and for my budget. He even helped me design a custom wedding band specially made for the ring. The end result was nothing short of amazing! I'd give Shira Diamonds more stars if I could!”

The company’s dedication to the industry is evident at every turn, from the impeccable customer service experience they provide to the educational resources and insight available for free through their official website. Shira Diamonds strongly believes that an educated customer is more likely to be satisfied with their purchase, so their team is always willing to share the benefit of their expertise whenever the situation calls for it. Customers who wish to research the subject on their own (perhaps before they commence their search for the perfect engagement ring) are advised to visit the website’s “HOW TO BUY A DIAMOND” section to get started.

Shira Diamonds upholds strict standards in their inventory, running every diamond through a stringent quality control process to ensure only the finest specimens are delivered for their customers’ consideration. Customers will also be able to choose from a collection of GIA and EGL certified options that include Round, princess, cushion, oval, radiant, pear, emerald, marquise, and Asscher cut diamonds.

Similarly, customers who prefer to have a more personalized item created, such as a custom diamond engagement ring, are welcome to contact the company to discuss their requirements. Shira Diamonds offers access to a master jeweler who can bring virtually any concept to life, no matter how complex or exquisite it may be. Alternatively, customers may browse through the company’s extensive selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other types of custom diamond rings for men and women for an existing piece that speaks to their needs.

Anyone looking for a red diamond for sale in Dallas may contact Shira Diamonds today for personalized assistance. Further details regarding the company’s network, services, and more can be found on their website.


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