Best Compostable Poop Bags With Handles On Amazon - Pogi's Biodegradable Waste Bags For Pets Launched

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Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong - Pogi's Pet Supplies, a Hong Kong-based online retailer of eco-friendly pet care products, is proud to announce that its Compostable Poop Bags with Handles have received additional positive reviews from satisfied customers. This particular product can be found on Amazon at and comes in boxes of 300 and 900 dog poop bags with easy-tie handles in one pack. Each bag is very large, measuring 7 inches by 14.5 inches including the handles.

In their recent review, user J. Vaughn gave the product five stars and said, “I got these to clean out the litter box and they work well for it. Handles make it great for tying the bag shut.”

Compostable Poop Bags With Handles

Picking up a dog’s poop is easy with this bag. Pet owners simply need to stick their hand inside the bag, pick up the poop, and then reverse the bag over their hand. Finally, they must tie the handles in a knot to secure the waste in the bag. It is also easy to obtain a bag from the roll. The first bag sticks out of a slit on the top of the box and the user simply pulls the bag out. Once it is out of the box, the next bag comes to the top, ready for the next time that the bag is needed.

It should be noted that this particular product has been certified as backyard compostable. Specifically, the home compostable bags have been ascertained to be in compliance with ASTM D6400, which is the US standard specification for solid material biodegradation by composting, which is a requisite for the labelling of plastics that are designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities. This product has also been certified based on European standards. Specifically, it has been ascertained to be in compliance with the European Bioplastics Standard EN 13432 for products made of compostable materials and also under the TÜV Rheinland® Standard AS 5810 for plant-based materials that are suitable for home composting.

In addition, the packaging is also sustainable since the cardboard cores are fabricated using recycled materials. This pack has a total of 300 or 900 rolls of fragrance-free compostable bags with handles and is estimated to last for more than one month.

As previously announced, the founders of Pogi's Pet Supplies have made it their mission to offer the best products for pets while also ensuring that these products are environmentally friendly. They found their inspiration to develop eco-friendly products from their pet dog Pogi, and the company was set up for him and all the other cats, dogs, and other furry loved ones. Pogi’s Pet Supplies’ products can be bought one at a time or customers can set up a subscription, which can easily be scheduled online. The first step toward subscription is to select the specific product to purchase. The second step is to indicate the frequency of deliveries, whether it is monthly, every two months, every quarter, and so on. Each subscription receives a 10% discount on the price for every order. Once the orders are placed, they are delivered to the customer’s home as soon as possible.

Dar Ghafourpour from Pogi’s Pet Supplies says, “We started Pogi's Pet Supplies because we wanted to provide only the best for him while staying true to our earth-friendly values. We do this for Pogi and all the pups, cats, and furry loved ones that make our world a happier place by sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials that work great and keep our environment clean. Pogi loves long walks around the block, playtime at the local dog park, and weekend strolls through the city. We love being able to pick up after him with Pogi's durable, earth-friendly poop bags.”

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