Belle Aroma Announces Expanded Product Line on Amazon Shopping

The Gift of Scent, a company based in Pflugerville, TX, is announcing expanded product line Belle Aroma on Amazon. New products belonging to the Belle Aroma line include a USB aromatherapy diffuser, car diffuser, pendant with essential oil, diffusion candle, aromatherapy diffuser, and various essential oils. This line of fragrance products is updated each season to make sure that the products are in keeping with trends on colors, fragrance choices, and decorative icons.

Jeffrey Smith from The Gift of Scent says, “With the holidays fast approaching, we have once again updated the Belle Aroma line of products. Whether you want to promote tranquility or wish to create a pleasant atmosphere, scent has the ability to transport us. It is the world and more, captured for you, in tarts and wafers and scented oils. The essence of all longed for things. Let them say – it smells like home. Give them the scents to remember you by, give them the Gift of Scent. We’ve curated collections of all the best aromatic diffusers for essential oils and fragrance oils. Ultrasonic diffusers, candles, soaks, soaps, and sugar scrubs as well as a wide variety of electric and passive aroma devices, designed to feed the most powerful sense, smell.”

Gift of Scent, a company based in Pflugerville, TX, is announcing expanded product line Belle Aroma on Amazon.

One such product is the Belle Aroma ScenTrio Warmer that is to be used with wax melts, no-melt tarts, fragrance oils, or essential oils. It has a wire mesh or pierced metal sleeve design over ceramic with a long-lasting halogen light with dimmer that provides a warm glow that accompanies its fragrant output. It has three power levels to provide three heating options. The low level is for no-melt tarts or low-temperature wax. The medium level is for wax melts, while the high level is for oils. It is also equipped with a timer to provide control for the fragrance level in the room. It can be set to 4, 8, or 12 hours. Or the diffuser can be set to continuous power.

Jeffrey Smith says, “You may also want to try DriveTime aromatherapy and fragrance diffusion to get your engine going.” The Aeron Drive Time Aromables® reusable vent clip air fresheners are designed to freshen the car’s interior. They come initially scent-loaded and are available various colors, such as metallic ruby red, true blue, glitter-packed brown, and glossy black. It has an oval thatch design to made it attractive on any car dashboard.

Also available from the Belle Aroma line is the Plugables Fragrance Vase. It has a Mediterranean-style mosaic glass vase that glows softly, offering a night light with aromatherapy fragrance output. It can be used with essential oils, wax melts, no-melt arts, or fragrance oils. It can be plugged into any 120-volt wall socket.

Also included in the Belle Aroma line is the Bamboo Lantern Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with LED. This is actually an art piece that serves as woodgrain-patterned aromatherapy diffuser. It provides the room with seven different colored lighting patterns, combining visual patterns with an aromatherapy scent. The user can opt to cycle all seven colors or choose a favorite color and stick with it. As an ultrasonic diffuser, it works by atomizing and breaking down the essential oil and water particles into micro molecules that are then diffused into the air. An important feature is that it does not use heat but only ultrasonic waves to disperse the molecules.

Also available on Amazon is the Belle Aroma Plugables ScentSlide. It has a medallion design to enhance the décor and provide an ethereal nightlight. It is provided with advanced heating technology to accurately control the inner temperature. It is to be used with the Belle Aroma essential oil pads or fragrance wafers. It is designed to be plugged into a 120-volt outlet to provide a soft LED nightlight with an on-off switch to ensure that it is safe.

People who would like to know more about the Belle Aroma fragrance may want to check out the Belle Aroma scented diffusers Amazon page, or visit their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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