Behind the Scenes at Emondage Mont-Royal Tree Services

Mont-Royal Urban Cluster, Montreal – Another customer has been impressed by Emondage Mont-Royal tree services. Carl Thompson said, "Mr. Girard and his team offer a quick response time with high-quality work. In addition, they present a great tree trimming and pruning service."

Carl went on to say that he had problems with one of the trees on his business premises. The team came to address the issue. The property owner also mentioned that he received a follow-up visit today and was impressed with the service level offered. They presented a great quote with a quick response to have the tree trimmed.

The business owner of Emondage Mont-Royal stated, "One of their key aims is keeping customers happy. The only way to achieve this is to make sure clients, as Carl, are satisfied. For example, our client needed tree trimming done, which became a risk for his building and customers. Luckily, our arborists could trim the tree back without the need of having tree removal done."

He went on to say that the business owner could be glad he gave them a call as the branches were touching the overhead power lines. With a strong wind, that branch would not out the power in the commercial sector and lead to a fire hazard causing loads of damage to his and surrounding businesses. The tree service owner also mentioned that the tree trimming and pruning service assist residential and commercial owners.

With the service, people can get back the property's visual appeal by having tree trimming and pruning done. Doing this helps to restore the health and safety of the tree if crown problems happen. Further, they assist residence of Mont-Royal, Montreal, and surrounding areas with routine tree trimming and pruning. Another service offered is an emergency tree service to ensure that residents keep their properties safe, especially after a storm.

The owner of Emondage Mont-Royal also mentioned that they are available 24/7 for cleaning up after storms. As with Thompson, he was lucky with the tree growing close to the building. However, with years of experience in the trade, many clients using their service have had severe damage caused by trees. Sometimes property owners do not realize that a tree has damaged limbs or is diseased. In addition, when a strong wind blows, it can uproot the tree, causing it to fall onto the building harming all inside.

The owner went on to say that the company offers various tree maintenance services to help property owners in need. For example, many of the customers have an old tree standing in the yard, needing removing. For this, you need a professional team to handle the job instead of taking the DIY root.

According to the owner, the team at Emondage Mont-Royal has all the right tools to handle from tree removal, wood chipping, to stump grinding. But, unfortunately, many residences in Montreal want to try to remove the tree themselves, only resulting in heartache.

The reason is that people are not skilled in taking down a tree, and sometimes the equipment does more harm than good. Instead of risking people's lives on the property, call in a professional service to handle the problem. Those interested in contacting the company can do so by calling or filling out the contact form on their website here:


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