BEES.Social Hosts Live Stream And Answers Its Viewers Pressing NFT Questions

BEES.Social, a decentralized anonymous community that aims to teach its members about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other new-age investment opportunities, released a live stream on 11th November 2021 on its YouTube channel that touched on myriad topics including the launch of the new Social BEES University website, Tim’s visit to the Dreamverse NFT conference in New York City, and a live question-answer session with the viewers.

The live stream begins with the hosts picking a winner from all the participants of a lucky draw who posted #TheSwarmIsComing selfies along with Tim. The giveaway prize of 1 ETH was sponsored by the team at WeGoBattle. Ray Pepito then draws attention to the Social BEES University Discord and explains that the top 500 users in the Discord to reach level 7 will be whitelisted. The Social BEES University website also received a new design and several artwork contributions from community members. The live stream hosts say that the Social BEES University Discord is shaping up to be the best place for anyone to go for free cryptocurrency training and education.

Social BEES University

Tim then talks about his time at the Dreamverse gallery and the Dreamverse party in New York City that took place on 4th November 2021. Dreamverse was a two-part festival that featured a public interactive digital art experience featuring the most prominent NFT artworks and artists in both digital and virtual formats during the daytime. At nighttime, it transformed into an exclusive, music and digital art celebration and show. There were 3000 people in attendance. When asked about his experience at Dreamverse, Tim says, “When you meet people online and on Discord, it’s great. But when you go to that event and you meet hundreds of people, it just raises your energy levels. I was very comfortable having conversations with everyone I met there and I have to thank everyone in BEES.Social for that.”

The live stream is then joined by Twitter user @KingfisherPoker who discusses his growth with the BEES.Social platform and how it has inspired him to pursue capital growth and build generational wealth for his family. When asked what was the most interesting thing that he did with BEES.Social, @KingfisherPoker says, “When I first heard about NFTs, I wasn’t really paying attention because it wasn’t relevant to my day-to-day. But as we started continuing on this journey with BEES.Social, it became more relevant and I really knew that I had to pay attention to it. Two years from now, we are not going to be talking about NFTs because they are going to be so ingrained in our daily lives.”

The live stream then gives the viewers a chance to get their NFT questions answered. One viewer asks the question - “Can NFTs be stolen?” Ray answers the question by urging users to get into the mentality of becoming their own bank, being careful of phishing scams, and taking responsibility for the security of their own private keys. Another viewer asks - “Why do NFTs have value?” @KingfisherPoker answers that question by saying that the value behind NFTs, is the community behind the NFT valuing themselves through that collection. NFTs also have an underlying mechanism that is backed by cryptocurrency that gains value over time.

Another viewer asks - “How can NFTs change the world?” Ray answers it by saying that NFTs can establish real value for digital content by creating and enforcing true scarcity. An artist can attach stipulations to an NFT ensuring that they get some proceeds every time it gets resold. When asked the question - “Where can one buy or trade NFTs other than OpenSea?”, Ray answers that NFTs can be bought by playing games, and can be bought in marketplaces such as Axie, Rarible, Decentraland, Foundation, Grow.House, Mintable, NBA Top Shots, and more.

Some other topics touched on during the live stream include Ray Pepito’s live demonstration of how one would purchase an NFT on using a Metamask wallet or mint one themselves. The live stream also discusses the biggest assets in the world ranked by market cap and where cryptocurrencies fit into that discussion.

Viewers who are interested in finding out more about BEES.Social can subscribe to the BEES.Social Youtube channel to view past live streams and other informative videos pertaining to a range of topics such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralized digital assets, and more.


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