BEES.Social Holds Weekly Live Show on DeFi Startups

BEES.Social is happy to announce that they are holding a weekly live show that focuses on up and coming cryptocurrency organizations and their decentralized finance (DeFi) startup projects and what are they doing exactly. One example is what is happening with Balancer 2.0, which is an automated portfolio manager and trading platform that innovates on the concept of an index fund and offers various advantages for investors, traders, and builders

For investors, the Balancer presents an innovative adjustment to the concept of an index fund. Rather than paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance the user’s portfolio, the user collects fees from traders who rebalance the user’s portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities. Balancer provides a set-and-forget system for investors, which applies an algorithm to manage assets by quickly rebalancing positions and earning trading fees for the user over time. More than 25,000 investors use the flexible pool structures offered by the Balancer to pick the ideal configuration for their investment goals.

Whale Tank Wednesday

For traders, Balancer allows for efficient trading by pooling liquidity from investor portfolios that are crowdsourced, and then utilizing its Smart Order Router to look for the best available price for traders. Traders can also easily exchange any combination of ERC-20 tokens permissionlessly. For builders, Balancer serves as the most versatile and flexible automated market maker, providing developers with heretofore unmatched customizability. This is because the Balancer Protocol is a core building block of DeFi infrastructure, which is a unique financial permissionless and primitive development platform.

The weekly live show from BEES.Social, which is known as Whale Tank Wednesday, has recently presented Marta with Balancers as a guest. Specifically, they discussed the new version of Balancer, which is Balancer 2.0. Balancer revealed the very much anticipated second version of its decentralized exchange protocol, including a range of upgrades that are focused on flexibility, security, gas efficiency, and capital efficiency. Unfortunately, yield farmers are still waiting for the necessary liquidity mining data, which are still being developed.

According to Balancer CEO and co-founder Fernando Martinelli, “The primary architectural modification between Balancer V1 and Balancer V2 is the shift to a single vault that holds and also takes care of all the assets included by all Balancer pools.”

The new liquidity mining program has the goal of making it sufficiently agile to offer pools for “hot tokens” quickly and the trading fees that they will generate, while also ensuring simplicity and sustainability, in contrast to the first version’s focus on “long tail” assets. The enhancements to the liquidity mining program and the community incentives that the second version provides are both a component of the long-term vision for completely decentralized governance.

Meanwhile, they have observed that the announcements for the second version have boosted the price of the Balancer Protocol Governance Token (BAL), which has risen by almost 20 percent at present and 135 percent on the month, per Coingecko. The result is that Balancer 2.0 may emerge as a strong competitor to challenge SushiSwap and Uniswap, which have been previously hogging the headlines, resulting into a three-horse race. All three protocols are among the top 10 in terms of total value locked, with Balancer at just below $1 billion, while SushiSwap and Uniswap have $2.5 billion and $3.25 billion, respectively.

BEES.Social is expected to become the go-to platform where all startups will be releasing their coins. In fact, they have a few that are being launched this weekend. BEES.Social is the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the world that has the only goal of empowering people with the education that is required for them to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the crypto revolution.

People can join the Crypto BEES Colony by making their stake in the Hive that they prefer. They will then get an all-inclusive access to a colony of Crypto BEES where they can take part in in order to earn and earn within the cryptocurrency revolution.

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