Bees and Roses Releases a Guide to the String of Turtles Plant

November 5, 2021—Gardening blog site Bees and Roses recently published a guide on how to care for and propagate the String of Turtles plant, or peperomia prostrata.

Bees and Roses releases a guide to the String of Turtles plant

The plant is exotic and striking in appearance, notes the article, and requires particular care.

Hailing from Brazil, the tropical houseplant does well in indirect light.

According to the guide, the String of Turtles plant gets its name from the plant’s trailing vines having a pattern on their delicate leaves reminiscent of turtle shells. “String of Turtles has become something of a showpiece, a collector’s item of sorts for folks who love houseplants,” notes a researcher who worked on the project.

The guide covers important issues for owning and growing the String of Turtles, including potting mix, fertilization, watering regimen, preferred temperature and humidity levels, pruning, and several methods of propagation.

The guide also features a “frequently asked questions” section where the author addresses common questions and concern that plant buyers frequently raise about the String of Turtles.

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