Bed Bug Specialists Serving Lockland, OH

When it comes to pests, most people understand that not all can be remedied with DIY solutions. According to Bed Bug Docs, bed bugs are one of these pests. The company is now serving Lockland, OH with superior treatment methods for this particular pest.

We have a team of experts that have go through regular training so that we are able to stay on top of the latest techniques for dealing with bed bugs and other pests. Some of our exterminators specialize in bed bugs while others have a different specialty. This allows us to always offer the best services possible when handling Lockland residents’ pest needs,” the business owner stated.

Bed bugs are great at hiding and this is often why they go undetected for extended lengths of time. When they are not treated right away they will multiply and spread to other rooms of a property. What many don’t realize is that bed bugs will hide in more places than just the bed.

Any nearby furniture could be hiding these little bugs, as well as wall décor or fixtures, behind outlet covers, on curtains, and even baseboards. The company says that an infestation is often very noticeable because the bugs will be seen at all times during the day; not just at night.

The owner continued to say, “You can definitely avoid a serious pest issue like bed bugs. Simply inspect your bedding, mattresses and frame regularly. Apartments are at a higher risk simply because if a problem gets bad enough, the bed bugs could end up in nearby apartments, making the problem that much worse.

Bed Bug Docs services both homes and businesses and other properties for bed bugs. They inspect the area first and then plan the best course of action. If the property owner has questions about the bugs or even the process, this is the best time to speak to the technician. Let them address any concerns or answer any questions before the treatments start.

We will provide full details to our customers before officially staring the applications. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we want our customers to be comfortable and know that their property is safe in our hands,” the owner added. “We will not begin any treatments until the owner has reviewed and accepted the draft for service.”

To learn more about the bed bug extermination services provided by Bed Bug Docs or to find out about their other pest control solutions, they can be reached online or by phone.


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