Bed Bug Professionals in Indianapolis Offering Effective Treatments

A local Indianapolis company, specializing in bed bugs, is offering their effective bed bug services to residents and business owners. Bed Bug Busters has been helping residents for many years protect against these invasive pests.

Bed bugs have become a more well-known problem in Indianapolis and all across the States in recent years. There was a short time period, about 60 years or so, that it almost seemed they went extinct. Unfortunately, when they decided to make a come-back, it was discovered that traditional pesticides had no effect on them. That’s when professionals came to the rescue.

bed bug services in Indianapolis

“We use the latest and most effective, commercial-grade solutions to treat these tiny but intrusive pests. You will find many products on the shelf in some stores aimed to help with bed bugs, and to an extent they just might. However, for complete removal it often requires the help of an industry professional,” the team manager said.

There are some products available in-store that may help with bed bugs. Such as mattress covers. Keeping one of these on a mattress can prevent bed bugs from hiding in the seams or inside the boxspring. The bed bug sprays available to the public might kill the bed bugs on the spot, but does nothing for the rest that are hiding out. It’s been said that foggers don’t do a thing for this particular pest.

“If you have discovered bed bugs and want to consider dealing with it on your own, it’s still okay to contact a professional to learn more about how to do so. It might actually save you time and money to just hire a bed bug exterminator from the start, especially if the problem is still minor. It’s much easier to get relief quickly when you catch the pests right away,” the manager added.

Bed Bug Busters also offers some advice to those that enjoy traveling. They suggest inspecting the hotel room before settling in. This includes inspecting the mattress, nightstands, dresser, curtains, etc. Should a bug be discovered, contact the front desk and request a new room. “So many people could ward off an infestation if they pay just a little extra attention when traveling or when buying used furniture. Or even just doing a simple inspection regularly of their own bed and personal space,” the manager said.

To schedule an inspection or to inquire about their services, Indianapolis residents can reach Bed Bug Busters by phone or by visiting them online. The manager said that residents should contact a professional right away when bed bugs are suspected or discovered.


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