Beaverton Family Care Chiropractor Shares Positive Reviews

Beaverton, Oregon -

Beaverton, Oregon based True Potential Chiropractor is reaching out to the local community to share some recent positive reviews they received for their excellent services. The award-winning wellness center has earned its reputation by providing high quality chiropractic services for the residents of Beaverton and the surrounding areas. Learn more about them here: Family Care Chiropractor Beaverton.

True Potential Chiropractic’s Google profile boasts a perfect 5-Star rating, accumulated over more than 300 reviews. Stacy Mello Galaway says in their review, “There are not enough words to express just how wonderful this group has been. From those beautiful young women checking me in, to the physicians who are adjusting me and to the sweet young woman who did my stretches today, they are all so kind and knowledgeable! They take their time, they assure your comfort and understanding at all times, and they always make you feel important. They have been a real blessing in my life that was much needed at this time, and so I will be grateful for them always!!”

Family Care Chiropractor Beaverton

In another review, Michelle Coon says, “They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and always have tips for you to get healthy beyond just coming in for an adjustment. Dr. Bell is always looking at new ways he can help you be better with massages, stretching and flexfit exercises, and partnering with companies that offer things like healthy meal plans and fantastic mattresses. I will recommend them forever to everyone. I've been going there for four years and will keep going.”

Dr. Bryen Bell from True Potential Chiropractic says, “Ever since we opened our doors, we have been dedicated to ensuring that every man, woman and child in our community has the best health imaginable through principal corrective chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle modifications. We have worked towards this goal diligently, and we are proud to see our efforts rewarded by our patients’ high praise.”

True Potential Care specializes in family care. According to the clinic, alignment is a law of the body, and a healthy spine is an important factor in a developing child. Growing children are subjected to a variety of physical stresses, falls or other types of accidents and daily cumulative trauma such as sleeping incorrectly, heavy backpacks, rough play or poor posture (such as text neck). Additionally, the pulling forces involved in the birth process can negatively affect a child's spine and nervous system. Trauma and stress can create poor alignment. All of these can affect a growing child in a negative way, but chiropractic treatments provide a natural, drug-free solution which solves these problems and creates immediate and long-term benefits to children.

Pregnant women can also benefit from chiropractic treatments. As the wellness center explains, changes such as abdominal weight gain, altered posture, pelvic imbalances and countless other sources of stress can cause pain, affect sleep, mood and more — and can sometimes even make the birth process more difficult. In fact, according to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), approximately 75% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy. That same study reported an 84% improvement in back pain during pregnancy while under the care of a chiropractic professional. True Potential Chiropractic can help with that and sciatica too. Learn more here: Sciatica Relief Beaverton.

True Potential Chiropractic provides pain relief and corrective care via pre and post X-ray analysis to track their patients’ progress and correct problems whenever they arise. Their family care services are focused on providing gentle and safe prenatal and postpartum family care as well as pediatric care for infants and children. While their specialty is family care, they are well versed in dealing with previous and new injuries from car crashes and sports-related trauma. True Potential Chiropractic’s team of trusted and highly-rated chiropractic physicians and licensed massage therapists coordinate to provide a holistic program that includes gentle and effective in-office corrective exercises, professional bodywork therapy, assisted stretching and spinal, extremity and TMJD care.

Those who want to learn about the full range of services provided by True Potential Chiropractic should visit the chiropractic clinic’s website. Dr. Bryen Bell encourages interested parties to get in touch with the team via the contact portal on the clinic’s website, their phone number or email address. True Potential Chiropractic also maintains a social media presence in Facebook and Instagram. More information can also be found at the following link: Sports Chiropractor Beaverton.


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