Battle Born Painting Discusses Why Laminate Cabinet Painting Should Not Be Undertaken as a DIY Project

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Reno-based Battle Born Painting is always looking for ways to help their customers save a little money on home improvements. That’s why they do such things as suggest customers consider painting their cabinets instead of replacing them when undertaking a kitchen remodel. They point out that the cost savings here can be significant. The company also cautions that while some types of kitchen cabinets can be painted as part of a DIY cost-saving effort, laminate cabinet painting is something that’s best left to professionals such as them.

The company owner, Will Reyes, says, “Replacing cabinets is probably the most expensive part of any kitchen remodeling project, but there is a less costly alternative. The simple fact is Kitchen cabinets can be painted for much less than replacing them. Even popular laminate cabinets can be painted but it’s not something we ever recommend to our customers as a DIY project. That’s because of the many difficulties that laminate cabinet painting presents. We at Battle Born Painting have the experience to paint all types of cabinets, including laminate cabinets, in a way that will get them to turn out looking brand new.”

Reyes mentions that painting laminate cabinets is tricky to do because of the way this type of cabinet material is constructed in layers. That means such things as sanding them to prep them for painting has to be done very carefully; if not, it can take off the outer layer of laminate and then they usually don’t look very good once they are painted. It also takes professional know-how and equipment to do such things as apply the primer to the laminate cabinets before the final coat of paint. He says if the primer does not go on them properly, it can cause such things as chipping, peeling, streaking, or the paint simply not adhering to the surface of the cabinets. The company spokesperson says that they not only have the skill to paint laminate cabinets but they also know how to repair the surface of damaged ones during the preparation phase of that type of cabinet painting project. He added that whenever they paint laminate or any other type of cabinets, they always remove the hardware, doors, drawers, and clean & sand the surface of the cabinets before a drop of paint or primer ever goes on them. Reyes also mentioned that most of their customers are pleasantly surprised by how affordable their laminate cabinet painting services are.

Cabinet painting is just one of many services that Battle Born Painting offers. The company owner says that they are also experts when it comes to doing any type of commercial or residential interior and exterior painting projects. He says that they also do deck staining, floor resurfacing, and epoxy topcoat applications. Reyes also wanted to remind people in Reno and the surrounding areas that they are now offering advanced sanitizing services that are designed to help eliminate Covid-19 from the surface areas found in commercial properties.

Reyes added that they always like to make a statement with the quality of the work that they do. He says that’s because he and his crews realize that’s the best way to ensure future business. A 5-star review that was left on the company’s Google Maps Listing backs up that statement by the owner. Tina Noffsinger wrote, “The crew was respectful of my landscape and all employees were on time ready to work, plus they seemed happy to do their jobs. Kristen was perfect on the 3-color house design plus we went with a 4th color for the red front door and wooden screen. The job was done in a day and looked so fabulous that the neighbors are already stopping by asking questions about how their property can look this good. Thank you, Will.”

Those in Reno, Carson City, Sparks, Sun Valley, or elsewhere in Northern Nevada who are interested in getting their laminate cabinets painted can contact Battle Born Painting by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘request a quote’ form on their website.


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