Bathroom Remodeling Company in Norwalk CT Launches New Website

A bathroom remodeling company based in Norwalk, Connecticut, has announced that they have recently launched their new website to inform people about the availability of their bathroom remodeling services for homes located in Norwalk and surrounding areas. Their team is capable of offering bathroom remodeling services that can make the most out of any bathroom while working within a particular budget. They have gained experience in various bathroom remodeling projects including: bathroom flooring; bathroom remodel; shower remodeling, including enclosure installation; bathtub replacement; bathroom renovation; tub to shower conversion; shower; and shower installation service bathroom ideas.

There are other advantages of a bathroom remodel project, aside from boosting the home’s value. These include: the chance to make the home more eco-friendly, which aside from benefiting the environment will also further boost the home’s value; the chance to improve the storage space in the bathroom; and having an updated look and feel for the bathroom.

A representative for the bathroom remodeling company says, “A bathroom remodeling project is indeed a great investment plan for the homeowner because it will greatly enhance the home value. However, the only bathroom contractor you want working in your home is a licensed and insured contractor. The insurance will ensure that any accidents that may happen will not be liable on your homeowner’s insurance. The licensing certifies that your contractor meets important industry standards of practice that always deliver the best results.”

He adds, “Not everyone can successfully take on the projects we do, and fewer still that can deliver the professional finish that makes all the difference in the aesthetics of your bathroom. Only through the most well-resourced bathroom remodels have we developed such a good standing with our suppliers that we receive extra special deals and these savings can be passed on to our valued customers. Our professionals at Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists know how to do their work with grace and fluidity. This ensures that projects are always done on time and without any of the amateur mistakes that can train wreck your project.”

A bathroom remodeling project can involve various aspects, such as bathroom design, custom bathroom vanities, bathroom flooring, and shower repair and installation. The team at Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists are experienced and knowledgeable regarding bathroom design in such a way that they are able to achieve a good balance between function and form. They can provide a custom bathroom design and they have earned a reputation of being one of the leading bathroom design companies in the area.

An important element of the bathroom is the bathroom sink. Bathroom sinks are supposed to be both functional and attractive. However, it is vital to avoid any mistakes that could wreak havoc on its function. For instance, if the drain is too shallow, the water will not flow directly from the bowl to the sink and to the pipes, resulting in pools of standing water. If this issue is present in combination with a buildup of hairballs or soap scum, the overall effect could render the sink practically unusable.

Other important features of the bathroom that need to be taken into account in a bathroom remodeling project are the mirrors, flooring, vanity and basin, bathtub, bathroom layout, fixtures and fittings, and lighting. Their team of professionals can provide help with custom showers and bathtub and shower replacement. The bathtub and/or shower may be constructed based on the client’s preferences. They can also provide walk-in showers and handicapped-accessible showers that emphasize safety and accessibility. Such showers will often necessitate the addition or moving of plumbing features, maintaining low-thresholds, adding grab bars, the widening of doors and entry-ways, and the installation of convenient shower seats, faucet controls, soap niches, and handrails.

Homeowners and other property owners in Norwalk, CT, who are in need of bathroom remodeling may want to check out the Norwalk Bathroom Remodeling Specialists website at, or contact them on the phone. They are open from 8am to 8pm, every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.


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