Bat Removal Moratorium - Wildout Animal and Pest Removal Reminds Central Floridians

Tampa Bay, Florida - Wildout Animal & Pest Removal would like to remind its Central Florida clients that they cannot legally remove bats beginning on April 15th. That’s only six weeks away, which doesn’t give anyone having bat problems much time to find someone to remove the pesky critters.

Even though bats are beneficial, the smell and noise they can cause in the attic and in walls can be very uncomfortable. Anyone who has ever had this problem understands the smell and noise these animals can cause.

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As a further reminder, the moratorium lasts until August 15th. Florida law protects bats during this period because it’s during this time that they reproduce. Therefore, if anyone currently has a problem, then the best advice is to have the bats removed before the moratorium. Otherwise, they will be reproducing and tending to their young and continue causing noise and smell issues.

Said B. Shiver, company spokesperson, “It’s always good to remember that we have a bat removal moratorium which begins on April 15th and ends on August 15th. I’d like to remind home and business owners that it’s best to have the bats removed right now before they cause more problems.” He added, “And I’d like to remind home and business owners not to try to remove bats on their own. Bats can be disease-ridden. Some can even carry rabies. You don’t want to expose yourself to problems which can harm your health!”

If homeowners and business owners do not have bats removed by April 15th when the law takes effect, then the animals cannot be legally removed until August 15th. During that time, the creatures must be left alone even if they’re infesting the attic and/or walls during that time.

Added Mr. Shiver, “We know that people can get really frustrated with having to live with bats infesting a home or business. But there’s nothing that can be done until the moratorium ends. It’s the law. I tell anyone who mentions hearing scratching noises in the attic to have it checked before the law takes effect.”

To find out more about Florida law and how it can affect residents, you can go read the blog posts the company wrote regarding this subject. Just click here and become more acquainted with the law.

Mr. Shiver, also a bat removal expert, went on to say, “Things can get complicated because most people see bats as a nuisance. However, they play a really important role in nature. Bats consume massive amounts of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. They actually consume insects which can cause great economic woes due to crop losses. To add to that, these insects can also transmit diseases to humans, so they can prevent the spread of disease.”

On the other hand, the company understands that nobody wants animals living and breeding in their home or business. Bat droppings, also known as guano, begin to pile up and the smell of ammonia becomes unbearable. Bat guano is also highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to walls and other structures.

Brent explained, “People should not try to remove these animals unless they’re experts and qualified to do so. In order to efficiently remove bats and the smell associated with them, you need special training, techniques, and equipment. Bats can become aggressive when they feel threatened.”

The company explained that it uses special techniques not only for bat removal, but also to prevent the animals from getting back into the structures. Mr. Shiver finished up by saying, “Always hire a qualified, licensed, and well-experienced professional to deal with bat issues.”

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