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ABC Damage Restoration, based in Madrid, Missouri, is pleased to offer basement waterproofing services to their local and surrounding communities. The company’s capabilities include water removal, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage cleanup, disinfection services, decontamination and sanitizing. Each of these services are employed in order to help restore buildings to their original conditions. They work with owners of homes and businesses, including commercial, residential, insurance companies, schools and government buildings.

Any home is a system with parts which play an important role in maintaining the structure. One particularly important part is the basement of a home, and if this space begins to rot, get moldy or develop structural issues, it will gradually affect the rest of the property. ABC Damage Restoration specializes in fixing basements, and in the case of a damp basement, waterproofing is the best defense against undesirable moisture and mold. A homeowner can get the services of a professional, such as ABC Damage Restoration, to waterproof their basement and safeguard it. The company utilizes certain procedures and materials to complete the task with the highest standard of safety and quality. Learn more here: Basement Waterproofing Springfield MO.

The goal of waterproofing a basement is to prevent water from entering the space. Some common methods of achieving this include the implementation of sump pumps, drains and sealants. The team at ABC Damage Restoration can help assess a house and identify its individual requirements. While they advise homeowners to always secure their basement storage, waterproofing can help save them time, money and energy as well as add an extra level of security to the storage space. If a homeowner or business owner wants to prevent water or frost from seeping into the property, external waterproofing will be necessary. This will also help prevent the foundation of a structure from deteriorating. This is particularly important in areas which may be more prone to flooding. Interior waterproofing is excellent for controlling water flow and fixing fractures.

Flooding can be a more frequent occurrence in areas which are exposed to or close to big bodies of water. The unfortunate reality is that the property does not need to be located near water to be affected by it. The company states, “In such areas, waterproofing your basement is recommended to protect the house and valuables against flood damage. This can also help prevent the growth of mold. Waterproofing can also help prevent damage to the foundation of a building. Water, dirt or ground pressure can all harm a basement foundation, causing fractures in walls or spots where water was able to seep through. Without waterproofing, a basement is vulnerable and can suffer significant damage. Investing in waterproofing would be a much lower cost in comparison to repairing major damage to the foundation of a structure.” Waterproofing would also help eliminate mold and mildew — if left unchecked, they can contribute to a variety of health problems. Sealing the basement may help keep moisture out and the family safe. When moisture cannot enter the structure, mold and mildew cannot develop or return.

A basement which has been waterproofed can also contribute to lower energy bills. It has been shown that a common reason for excessive energy use is fractures in the basement foundation. When the foundation is compromised, it allows water and colder air to leak inside. When this occurs, a homeowner may find that they need to adjust their thermostat to a higher temperature than expected. An uncovered basement can also generate heat and humidity, which makes cooling down a structure and regaining control more difficult. Waterproofing can help ensure that a cost is only incurred for the needed operational utilities.

Although most feel that waterproofing requires a significant investment, a homeowner will be able to recoup that cost quite quickly. A waterproofed foundation can also increase the value of the property, contributing to a 25% or more increase to the overall value of a house. ABC Damage Restoration provides a 24-hour service for commercial and domestic properties. The company’s team of experts will fix the issues using the safest and most environmentally friendly products available.

Additional details regarding ABC Damage Restoration and their work can be found on their official website. Tina Benton of ABC Damage Restoration can also be contacted via phone or email.

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