Basement Waterproofing Company in Erie PA Advises Homeowners to Make Sure They Are Ready for the Spring Season

Klein Home Solutions, a company based in Erie, PA, wants to remind homeowners in Erie and neighboring areas to make sure their homes are ready for spring. As the winter season draws to a close, the spring season will begin, and with it comes a lot of rain, not the mention the water from the melting snow. This means there is the risk of having a wet basement, which can lead to a number of more serious problems, such as deterioration of the structural elements and the foundation of the home, mold growth, damage to furniture and valuables, and even deterioration of indoor air quality. People can learn more about Klein Home Solutions by visiting their Facebook page.

A spokesperson for Klein Home Solutions says, “We’ve been providing wet basement repair in Erie PA and surrounding neighborhoods like yours since 1982. Our certified technicians have the expertise you need to get the job done quickly, effectively, and permanently. There’s no job too large or small and there’s no wet basement we can’t fix. Let one of our basement contractors in Erie PA come and give you a free waterproofing estimate.”

The problem is that water can leak into a basement through any opening, including the floors, walls, and the joints between them. Water can even go through the concrete itself, which is why basements are usually humid and damp spaces. Using products developed, perfected, and patented by Basement Systems®, they can offer their basement waterproofing services for homes in Erie and nearby areas like Chautauqua, Ashtabula, Warren, North East, Edinboro, or Fredonia. They can customize a waterproofing solution that will ensure the basement will be dry all the time. Those who are interested in Klein Home Solutions can also find on Google their exact location and other important information.

Klein Home Solutions also offers other services for the basement, such as basement repair, basement flooding remedy, basement refinishing, egress windows, and patented drain system. Basement repair is for homes with severe water damage.

And if the basement is flooded, they want to remind homeowners that even the basement remains intact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is still functional and safe. First of all, the floodwaters can promote the growth of mold in the basement. This can have a negative impact on the family's health because mold produces allergens, irritants, and possibly toxic chemicals. Furthermore, the floodwaters can cause cracks in the walls and in the foundation of the home. This may weaken the structural elements of the home that may result in more serious problems.

Meanwhile, basement refinishing can offer a number of benefits. First of all, it offers a wide range of possibilities. A successful remodeling can transform a basement into a home office, an extra bedroom, a room where a person can pursue certain creative hobbies, a home studio, or a home gym. Second, it can help provide more space for a growing family. The remodeled basement can be used as a study room, an extra bedroom, a playroom, and more. And basement remodeling can also have an impact on the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.

Founded in 1982 by Doug Klein, Klein Home Solutions has been serving homeowners in the Greater Erie area with regards to their basement waterproofing, bathroom remodeling, and crawl space repair requirements. The company is an authorized Basement Systems® dealer in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio, which means they have access to patented, exclusive, and award-winning waterproofing products and they can provide a customized design for a permanent solution for a home’s wet basement or crawl space. The company also offers bathroom remodeling services, providing homeowners with bathtub and shower surrounds, bath-to-shower conversions, bathtub liners, tile refinishing, bathtub reglazing, and more.

Those who are interested in learning more about the basement waterproofing services and other services provided by Klein Home Solutions can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone at 814-456-5605 or through email at They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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