Bamboo Cheese Board Makes A Splash With Customers

Cedar Creek, TX based Roots To Table is pleased to share a new review from a customer who purchased their Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set. This product has been steadily rising in popularity since its release, and the company wishes to express their gratitude to the community for taking the time to leave feedback online.

“Excellent charcuterie board,” says the review, which can be found on the product’s Amazon page. “The bamboo is of high-quality and thick. The finish is excellent with no unfinished surfaces or splinters. The cheese knives that stowaway in a pull-out drawer are of very good quality and easy to clean — perfectly sharp. The slate markers and chalk pens were an excellent touch, and there are also six forks for serving cheese that stowaway in the second pull out drawer. This board was a huge success. I bought a cutting board oil and seasoned the charcuterie board 24 hours prior to use. After use, it was very easy to wash with Dawn and a soft sponge, and there were no stains from any of the soft cheeses or strawberries.”

As the review notes, one of the main reasons this board has proven a hit with customers is the fact that it comes with numerous accessories included. Roots To Table wanted to give their community a charcuterie board that provided all necessities (short of the food itself) for enjoying a snack, and they believed that this meant more than the board itself. After much deliberation during the product’s design stage, the company settled on the following items: 4 stainless steel knives, 6 luxury slate labels, 6 elegant appetizer forks, 2 ceramic sauce bowls and 2 white markers. Those purchasing their first charcuterie board will also be pleased to learn that a cheese boards guide (with fun wine, cured meats and cheese pairings) is also included.

“Roots To Table has been making charcuterie boards for quite some time,” a company representative states, “and this has given us the benefit of a rapidly-growing community of charcuterie enthusiasts who are always eager to share what they love about our products. Naturally, this feedback has always included suggestions for future products, so our team decided to give our customers exactly what they were asking for. When it comes to your charcuterie experience, you are the expert. We’re just here to listen and learn.”

The number of accessories included is far from the only reason many customers choose to leave a 5 Star rated Amazon review once they get their hands on a board from Roots To Table, however. For one, the board has been carefully designed to accommodate gatherings that range from small family affairs to larger parties and so on — thanks in part to the fact that each board comes with two hidden serving drawers that can easily be extended when required. As many reviews are delighted to mention, the board is also crafted from all-natural bamboo, a rich, versatile material that is sustainably sourced from the company’s partners. The company adds that there is a surrounding carved well to store artisan bread, crackers, fruits and nuts.

Another customer says, “I was so excited to do my first charcuterie board for New Year’s Eve. I absolutely loved this board, especially the hidden drawers underneath to store the different knives. My daughter was so excited to use the tags and chalk to label our food. The board was easy to clean, and I purchased a board oil to use before I stored it. I have recommended this to a lot of my friends.”

Roots To Table says their team is always willing to learn, and they eagerly accept both praise and critique from their community. As such, should anyone have any further inquiries or suggestions regarding future products, they are welcome to direct their comment to Roots To Table via reviews, comments on the company’s social media spaces and more. Those who have already purchased this board are encouraged to stay tuned to the company’s announcements as well since new products are always on the way.


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