Bamboo Charcuterie Board Maker Roots To Table Shares 24 Charcuterie Board Ideas

Roots To Table is drawing attention to a recent article from recipe blog Homebody Eats that presents 24 unique theme-based creative charcuterie board ideas that are sure to make any private soiree with friends or family one to remember.

Homebody Eats aims to teach its readers how to master skills and culinary concepts, and how to create high-quality dishes in their home kitchen. The article that Roots To Table recommends its customers should check out, lists several different themes and then gives specific charcuterie board ideas that fit that particular theme. This gives readers a chance to create a board for every possible occasion that might be worth celebrating with their loved ones. The article begins with an enthusiastic intro that says, “Need some creative charcuterie board ideas to spice up your appetizer game? Check out these unique charcuterie board ideas. Each of these themes plays a unique twist on the classic cheese and charcuterie boards we all love. These boards would be a great addition to any party, happy hour menu, or, as a holiday appetizer. Use this as inspiration to help create your own works of art.”

The board ideas mentioned in the article include the Fall Charcuterie Board, Summer Charcuterie Board, and Spring Charcuterie Board as part of the theme “Boards For Every Season”, the 4th of July Board, Halloween Charcuterie Board, and Valentine’s Day Board as part of the theme “Boards For a Holiday”, the Pancake Breakfast Board, Healthy Snack Board, and Summer Shark-Cuterie as part of the theme “Kid-Friendly Boards’, the Strawberries & Cream Board, Candy Charcuterie Board, and Loaded S’Mores Board as part of the theme “Dessert Boards”, the Birthday Number Board, Pretzel Board, and Christmas Tree Cheese Board as part of the theme “Boards With Creative Shapes”, the Greek Appetizer Platter, Galentine’s Day Sweet Treats, and Tamale Platter as part of the theme “Boards to go along with a Theme”, the Individual Cheese Board, Jarcuterie, and Date Night Charcuterie Board as part of the theme “Small Boards”, and the Hot Cocoa Board, Bloody Mary Board, and Sangria board as part of the theme “Drink Boards”.

A spokesperson for Roots To Table gushed about the ideas listed in the blog from Homebody Eats by saying, “Our charcuterie boards are well designed and solidly built to let our customers creatively express themselves to their heart’s delight. They are only limited by their imagination. However, we also realize that sometimes you need some pointers to get you started in the right direction. The article from Homebody Eats is the exact push that you need to jump into this delightful rabbit hole and open up a world of culinary delight for yourself. The 24 ideas in the blog post are just the beginning and you can be sure that once you start building your own platters and doing your own research, you will come up with plenty of creative combinations yourself. Soon you will be the go-to guy or gal among your friends for this centuries-old French food tradition. Your get-togethers will never be the same. You can even tweak your recipes based on who is invited on that particular day. If you are convinced that his hobby is for you, check out our cheese board and knife set on It is the perfect canvas for your creations that is also guaranteed to last you a long time. If you are looking for a particularly appealing gift to delight your father this Father’s Day, the Roots To Table charcuterie board is perfect for that too.”

Roots To Table claims that its Cheese Board & Knife Set is the ideal charcuterie board for presenting guests with mouthwatering platters. It is also very affordable given the number of features it has and the number of accessories that it ships with. Some of the board’s salient features include a removable hidden slotted drawer that seamlessly slides out from the cheese board, an edged grooved rim for presenting crackers and bread, and various slicing, spreading, and serving tools. The board itself is made from 100% natural BPA-free bamboo that is sustainably sourced and does not stain or absorb any odors.


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