Bakersfield Exterminators Helping With All Types of Pest Issues

A local exterminating company offers a large variety of treatments for the many different pests in the Bakersfield, CA region. It’s that time of year when the pests start to emerge from hiding during the winter and start becoming a nuisance for many property owners. Surf Pest Control can help eliminate those annoying insects so residents can get back to enjoying the personal sanctuary that is their home.

We have helped hundreds of Bakersfield residents get rid of the wasps that keep crashing their outdoor parties, the ants taking over the kitchen space, and the spiders that like to make surprise appearances at the worst times,” the business manager said.

The majority of Bakersfield pests are harmless but there are some that should be approached with caution. Poisonous spiders are among the top of that list of insects that require professional attention. The company treats both and their spider control solutions consist of eliminating the spider’s food source; other bugs and insects.

We thoroughly examine a property before treating it because it’s important to fully comprehend the scope of the issue. If it’s just a few spiders seen here and there, it doesn’t mean others aren’t hiding out in other spaces of the property. We treat in several places where they’re hanging out so their food source is also targeted which will cut down on the spiders coming inside,” the manager said.

Surf Pest Control also addresses roaches, bed bugs, termites and rodents, among other common pests. While some pest issues can be ignored for a short time, it’s more beneficial to treat it right away, regardless of what kind of pest it is.

There are many particular pest problems that need to be addressed immediately when discovered,” the manager added. “Bed bugs, termites, rodents and cockroaches all fall into this ‘urgency’ for treatment. They spread and multiply quickly and some can bring about health concerns for those living with an infestation. We encourage property owners to contact us or another professional pest expert right away when a problem is suspected.”

To learn more about the services provided by Surf Pest Control property owners can contact the company by phone or visit them online. They also provide discounts at times so be sure to inquire about any current deals happening when contacting the company.


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