Bail Bond Agents in Tuscaloosa Complete Continuing Education on Alabama Bail Law

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – Over the last year, the state of Alabama has made great strides in reforming its standards for the cash bail industry. Following the Alabama Bail Bond Regulatory Act enacted in mid-2020, bail bond agents in Tuscaloosa and across Alabama are now required to attend regular continuing education courses provided by the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board. This is a task local bail bonding professionals, Ruby and Jennifer Collard are happy to do.

The Continuing Education classes were offered in two formats to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic: in-person or via Zoom to those who registered before the end of 2020. The classes offered the opportunity to become certified in various techniques of the profession. Classes in handcuffing techniques or how to de-escalate situations were offered in addition to a course discussing the Ethics in Bail, featuring local attorney and lobbyist Phillip Kinney, Esq. These continuing education courses provide not only the required licensing but gives the bail bond agents invaluable tips and tools to be successful in their industry.

"Providing our clients with the best in quality bail bond service is our priority. We complete continuing education each year to ensure our clients are always receiving quality service. Each year we look forward to completing continuing education courses while providing our clients with exceptional bail bond service" said Ruby Collard, owner of Alabama Bail Bonds.

Alabama Bail Bonds specializes in first-time offenders and student bonds but also offers misdemeanor and felony bail bond services. For all of their services, the team at Alabama Bail Bonds offers complete client confidentiality 24/7 with no hidden fees. Alabama Bail Bonds is proud to serve its community by offering guidance for those who are dealing with the challenging incarceration circumstances. For more information about bail bond certifications or Alabama Bail Bonds, give them a call at (205) 339-7109 or visit their website at


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