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Backyard Games USA, based in Homer Glen, Illinois, is pleased to bring their high quality, American-made cornhole bags, boards and accessories to customers across the country. The company is committed to offering nothing but quality, and every one of their products is designed to stand out.

On Backyard Games’ website, one can find a comprehensive guide on how to play cornhole. Often referred to as ‘bean bag,’ ‘sack toss’ or simply ‘bags,’ cornhole is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags at boards with holes in them. The game is easy to play and has provided families across the country with countless hours of entertainment.

“You need to have the Cornhole boards and bags,” says Backyard Games USA. “You will also need a flat surface to place the boards. This can be at the beach or a parking lot, but a lawn works best. The space you find should allow a 27-foot distance between the front edges of the two boards. The game can accommodate 2 and 4 players. In a 2-player game, if you throw your first bag on the board’s left side, you will walk directly to the other board and throw the next bag on its right side. If the game has 4 players, players of the same team will be throwing directly opposite each other.”

Two players take turns at throwing the cornhole bag at the board, aiming to get it in the hole. The rules state that one must make sure their foot does not go past the front edge of the cornhole board, otherwise they should have the bags thrown at them as a penalty. Once all eight bags have been thrown, the points are tallied, and the team or player with the most points gets to throw the first bag in the next round. Scores in cornhole are relatively simple, and once a team reaches 21 points with a lead of 2 or more points, they win the game. The game is all about having fun, however, and players are free to make their own rules.

One can find everything they need to learn how-to play cornhole at Backyard Games. The company has a wide selection of bags, boards and more, and all their products are made exclusively in the United States. “Our premium quality handmade cornhole bags are tournament-grade, which means they have to be double stitched using only heavy duty upholstery thread,” says the company. “Each side is made of premium durable ‘duck’ cloth for durability and strength. Each cornhole bag measures 6″ x 6″ and is filled with regulation 15-16 oz of whole cleaned corn (using a digital scale). Special requests and custom cornhole bag orders are accepted at any time. This includes team logos, names, themes and so on. Makes a great gift for any cornhole board game enthusiast.”

Their boards are also made to ACA specifications. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, the boards are imprinted with hi-resolution custom graphics, which means cornhole enthusiasts can choose from dozens of beautiful designs. A number of people have gotten their cornhole equipment from Backyard Games and were so pleased with the quality of the company’s products that they left 5-Star reviews on various online platforms.

“Outstanding quality and fast completion and delivery—even for my custom board,” says a top-rated Google review from Triston. “The custom double sided all weather bags are also extremely well made and high quality! They were able to do what many other companies were not for my design. I had one mis-communication and they handled it with professionalism. Overall, a very positive experience, and I can't wait to use them!”

Another customer, Kerry, says, “I recently ordered cornhole boards for my brother's 50th birthday, and they came out great! I cannot wait to give him these boards. They are well made, and they even customized the boards! They did exactly what I wanted, and shipping was faster than I expected. They make a great product, and I would highly recommend Backyard Games USA. I am beyond satisfied with my purchase and the excellent customer service they provided as well.”

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