Backyard Bug Patrol: What Everyone Should Know About Brood X Cicadas

Great Falls, VA based Backyard Bug Patrol would like to reach out to the wider public and share insight regarding the recent emergence of the Brood X Cicadas. Backyard Bug Patrol is a pest management company dedicated to providing quality and affordable pest control services to the local community. Learn more here:

Many may already have heard about the emergence of the Brood X Cicadas in various backyards and forests across the eastern US after 17 years. However, many may still not know what these insects actually are. Brood X Cicadas are part of the several cicada broods in the US that periodically appear in different parts of the country. Their lifespan of 17 years is among the longest of all insects. However, they spend the majority of their relatively long lives below ground. While living underground, Brood X Cicadas feed on sap from grass and tree rootlets so that they can mature. They also shed their exoskeletons up to five times over the course of their lifetime.

Brood X Cicadas then come up to molt into their adult forms, mate while emitting ear-splitting love songs and produce the next generation before they finally pass away within a few weeks. These insects do not usually feed on plant tissues so they are quite harmless to mature trees and shrubs. However, their females make incisions in twigs to lay their eggs. This may cause damage to young plants and saplings in people’s backyards.

The trouble that Brood X Cicadas can bring does not end when they die. Brood X Cicadas also serves as food for rats and other rodents. Once they start to die off, rodents that got accustomed to this stable supply of food will begin to look for other sources. For them, the most attractive option could quickly be residential homes. In fact, the last time that Brood X Cicadas emerged back in June 2004, residents in Montgomery County, MD lodged over 400 complaints about rats. This is significantly higher in contrast to the 60 and 31 complaints made in the same period respectively in 2003 and 2020. Those who live in or around areas where Brood X Cicadas are emerging are advised to watch out and take the necessary precautions so that their homes do not become safe havens for rats and rodents.

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