Backyard Bug Patrol Receives High Praise From Satisfied Customers

Backyard Bug Patrol, a Great Falls, VA-based pest control service, recently received a 5-Star Google review from a very happy customer. Jessica Bernstein shares that she had been using Backyard Bug Patrol for several years at the time of the review being posted, and she continues to be happy with the pest control company’s services.

“I’ve been using Backyard Bug Patrol for more than five years now,” says Bernstein. “Their treatments are quite effective at reducing the number of mosquitoes in the yard. Used to be I couldn’t even step outside without getting bitten up. Now I can comfortably enjoy being outside. Their treatments also help eliminate fleas and ticks, which makes me feel better when my dog is in the yard. They are reliable, and the technicians are courteous.” Her review, along with many others, can be found at The Great Falls pest control company has a rating of 4.9/5 on the Google platform and is well known among homeowners and businesses in the area for the excellent service they provide.

Backyard Bug Patrol takes great pride in delivering the best customer service in the pest control industry. The company’s main goal is to provide reliable pest control to the people of Great Falls but what they really strive to maintain at all times is stellar customer service. The company goes the extra mile for each and every individual home they visit and has been doing so for more than 10 years. Pest control is more than just a business for the experienced technicians at Backyard Bug Patrol. The company was founded in response to families catching various illnesses that could easily be avoided by getting rid of the pests that spread or cause them. Pest control, Backyard Bug Patrol believes, is an invaluable and irreplaceable service to the community.

The company offers a 5-Star service program. Firstly, Backyard Bug Patrol always calls clients the day before their scheduled service and the evening after completion so the customer is aware of when the work will be done instead of having to sit at home and guess when the pest control specialists will arrive. For outdoor services, the company’s pest control technicians will always knock on the customer’s door to discuss the job at hand unless COVID-19 rules in the area make this impossible, in which case they will find another way to contact the client and come up with a plan of attack. Upon completion, the customer will receive a card with the licensed technician’s name, time, and date along with a yard sign. All customers receive a 100% Guarantee. Get in touch with Backyard Bug Patrol through their Facebook page at

The company has worked with many customers in need of many different services. As a result, many in their community have left excellent reviews of their work. Leah Cypess, another one of Backyard Bug Patrol’s pleased customers, says, “During the pandemic, since we would be spending so much time in our own backyard, we decided to spend the money to enjoy it with fewer mosquitoes. I wish we had started doing this years ago. The difference was amazing — my kids could even play outdoors near dusk without being eaten alive. No question we will keep using this service!”

One other 5-Star review of the company from a customer named Glen says, “We have a very large mosquito population that makes it very difficult for me to enjoy outdoor activities. I seem to be especially sensitive, as I normally cannot make it from the front door to the mailbox without being bit. This service has been absolutely great for controlling the mosquitos, allowing me to take advantage of the outdoors like I could not before. They come regularly and on schedule, with good communication when the weather is prohibitive. I highly recommend them.”

Read more reviews on Yelp at The company regularly receives excellent reviews from pleased customers and is always happy to receive feedback from everyone they work with.


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