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Great Falls, VA-based Backyard Bug Patrol recently published a blog post titled ‘How Worried Should You Be About Spiders In Your Andrews Air Force Base, MD Home?’ The blog post talks about spiders, how to handle a spider infestation and whether or not it is necessary to get rid of spiders in one’s home. The new blog post can be found here:

Spiders are a cause of anxiety for a lot of people, and fear often dictates how homeowners respond to the presence of such creatures in their homes. Their appearance, coupled with the fact that many are venomous, makes a lot of people uncomfortable around them. The accumulation of cobwebs around the house is another major concern homeowners might have. Being well informed about the different kinds of pests one could potentially encounter and knowing what to expect makes it so homeowners can make better decisions regarding pest control.

The blog post addresses the question of whether or not spiders are a threat. The fear of spiders is not completely unfounded, according to the company. There are a number of species present in the United States that can actually pose a threat to humans. The yellow sac spider, for example, leaves behind itchy, inflamed spots where it bites. Many do not react to the venom at all, which others may have allergic reactions that have the potential to be fatal. Another species present in the United States is the hobo spider. Found primarily in the West, the species’ bite often goes unnoticed at first, then developing into a red, hard and swollen lump and eventually an open wound that leaks fluids before turning black. The venom is generally not enough to kill but, like the yellow sac spider, allergic reactions to the venom can be quite serious.

“North America is home to about 3,400 species of spiders,” says the article. “There are several other spiders you are likely to encounter in your home. The good news is that these are largely harmless. Most spiders with dangerous venom are unlikely to venture into your home, although it’s not impossible. Even so, the trouble of having to deal with their messy webs or getting frightened every time they crawl out of their hiding places is enough reason to get rid of them. If you simply don’t like the idea of sharing your home with spiders or you’ve spotted one of the dangerous species, then you need to act quickly.”

It is usually best to leave it to professionals to handle spiders — whether they are dangerous or not. A professional can easily identify what species are dangerous and how to go about removing them from a home. Backyard Bug Patrol has a team of highly qualified, experienced pest control specialists that know exactly how to handle almost anything. One can contact Backyard Bug Patrol through Facebook here:

A number of clients have left great reviews of the pest control company. One client, Tara Michael, shares, “Brandon at Backyard Bug Patrol is a great guy who provides great service. He took the time to explain how the service works the first time he sprayed my lawn, and since then has asked if there’s any special areas I want covered and makes sure I am happy with the results. Highly recommended!”

Mary Johnson, another client, says, “This is the second year that Backyard Bug Patrol has provided service to us, and I can't say enough about them. With three small kids at home, outdoor time is essential, and to date we have not needed bug spray. I have seen only 1 mosquito and no ticks, which says a lot since we have a pool and numerous trees on our property. As a bonus, the customer service is amazing!” More reviews of the company can be found here:

Backyard Bug Patrol has built a great reputation among homeowners in and around Great Falls by offering excellent pest control services. Homeowners trust them to handle any and all pests quickly and efficiently. Visit the company’s website to learn more.


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