Backyard Bug Patrol Enjoys Positive Feedback From Community

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Great Falls, VA based Backyard Bug Patrol has been receiving a great deal of positive feedback from their community in recent months. The company attributes this praise to their ability to work alongside customers to determine the best pest control options for their homes and businesses. Today, the company is standing by to offer their professional assistance to anyone else in need, and they can quickly be reached via phone or on their social media platforms.

A recent Google review serves to illustrate why the company is so popular with their community. Joann H. shares their experience with Backyard Bug Patrol’s techs in this review, explaining what their pest problem was and how the company’s approach resolved it once and for all. The review says, “We have been using Backyard Bug Patrol's mosquito barrier treatments for many years, and we've been very pleased with the results! Our backyard used to have so many mosquitoes that our kids would be bitten up every time they went outside to play. But Backyard Bug Patrol has drastically reduced the number of mosquitoes and gnats in our backyard so that my kids now enjoy being outside again! We added the Backyard Bug Patrol rodent bait services, and it has gotten rid of our problems with mice in our house.” See the full review, and many others, at the following link:

Backyard Bug Patrol states that each pest control problem has to be considered on an individual basis since solutions that work for one property may not be appropriate for another, even if they happen to be neighbors. The number of residents living there, the size of the area that needs to be treated, the presence of children and pets and so on are all factors that their techs have to keep in mind (in addition to the type of pest in question, how far the infestation has propagated and more). This extra care is due to the fact that the company believes they have a responsibility to their community, so simply eradicating every pest is not enough. Each job has to be done right, and this can only be achieved by taking every customer’s unique circumstances into account.

One of the most apparent steps the company has taken to accomplish this is to use green, eco-friendly pest control solutions wherever possible. Backyard Bug Patrol has a lot of respect for their customers’ property, and this goes beyond making sure that furniture, cabinetry and so on will remain undamaged during treatments. The surrounding wildlife and vegetation is important as well, and the company understands that runoff from strong chemicals could be detrimental to the health of the local environment. The team searched long and hard for alternatives that could deliver the same results, eliminating pests, without causing undue harm to other creatures or plantlife in the process. See more here:

Notably, the company clarifies that there are some situations in which they may be unable to use their preferred products, such as for particularly strong infestations or where no green alternatives exist yet on the market. In such cases, they may determine that the best way forward is to deploy whatever solution will work best — and entrust the job to techs with the right skill and expertise to ensure that any extended effects are limited. Whatever the case may be, customers can always rest assured that the company will handle their pest problem completely, and they will exercise caution at every stage.

Backyard Bug Patrol can be depended on to deal with all manner of pests, including mosquitoes, ticks, rats, spiders, and so on. Customers may contact the company by phone or email to schedule an appointment today if they so wish. Further, the company offers a Preventative Pest Control Program that can protect property throughout the year, a proactive solution that serves to dissuade pests from ever entering the premises. Customers are encouraged to ask about this program when they get in touch with the company’s representatives.

More details on the company’s services can be found on the official Backyard Bug Patrol website. Those interested may stay up-to-date with the company’s latest news, offers, and announcements here:


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