Backyard Bug Patrol Blog Points Out Why Increasing Tick Awareness in Highland, Maryland is a Good Idea

Backyard Bug Patrol has just released a blog on their website that points out why tick awareness in Highland, Maryland is so important. The release of this blog was timed to coincide with what is now the summer peak season for these unwanted and dangerous bugs. The blog points out that although ticks may be small, the amount of damage and health concerns that they can cause far outweighs their size. Those at the company feel that the more that area residents know about ticks, the better their chances of staying out of harm's way. This is just one of several blogs that the company has posted on its website regarding the Highland area’s nuisance bugs and the steps that are necessary to avoid and control them. The newly posted company blog can be seen here at

Company president, John Mitchell, says, “There is a reason that our company has chosen to specialize in eradicating ticks from people’s yards. That’s because when they bite a person or a pet a whole host of bad health conditions can result. This is also the reason why we took the time to write a blog that better informs people about how to avoid being bitten by these potentially deadly bugs and how we can help them control the tick population around their homes.”

In the recently posted blog, it starts by saying that the ticks that people in the Highland, MD area should be the most concerned with getting bit by are black-legged deer ticks and lone star ticks. This is because they are known to carry some of the pathogens that are most harmful to humans. The article also stated that these two ticks are not the only ones that carry harmful pathogens so all types of ticks should be avoided. Next, the blog post described how ticks transmit pathogens that impact peoples' and pet’s health. It said that ticks attach themselves firmly and then insert a feeding tube into a host’s body to start feeding which can take as long as 2 hours. The blog also said that once a tick attaches itself to a host, it may feed off that host’s body for several days. During the process of feeding is when a tick has the potential to inject pathogens into a person or pet’s body that can severely impact their health. Lyme disease is the worst health condition that ticks cause followed closely by Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Powassan virus, and Tularemia. The blog ended by saying that to stay safe from ticks during the peak season for them, people need to be vigilant by wearing long sleeve shirts and pants when outside and thoroughly checking themselves and their clothing for ticks before going back into their homes.

The company’s tick control services also come highly recommend by those the company has provided them for. Many examples of that can be found in the reviews that have been left about them on their Google Maps listing which can be found at In one of those reviews, Tom Lee states, “Backyard Bug Patrol provides excellent service and protection for our backyard and around our house in order to minimize exposure to ticks and mosquitoes. The team is responsive when scheduling and take a lot of pride in their work. Their services give us great peace of mind during tick season. We use them for the entire season annually and have always been happy with their work.”

Mitchell added that they offer many other bug control services too. These include mosquito control, rodent control, and proven methods that can eliminate many different types of indoor pests. They even have the means to help people get rid of the stink bug populations around their homes. Area residents who are interested in learning more about the tick and other bug control services that this reputable Highland, Maryland area company offers can go to their website or visit their Facebook page which can be found at


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