Joins Forces With Play to Earn Gaming Site,

The dedicated Axie Infinity Guides & Tips website, Axie Wrangler, has announced that it is joining forces and merging with the Play to Earn & Blockchain Gaming website, P2E Professor.

Play to earn, also known as blockchain gaming or GameFi, is an emerging niche within cryptocurrency. In ‘play-to-earn’, players invest money into a game, typically by purchasing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are then used to play the game and earn rewards. These rewards are usually in the form of a cryptocurrency, which can be bought, sold and traded freely on exchanges.

By gamifying the cryptocurrency investment process, projects have found a whole new demographic of interested investors.

The pokemon-like monster battling game, Axie Infinity, led the way for the play to earn movement during the second half of 2021 and has spawned a number of copycats and variations since, but it has also inspired many different new types of games that seek to similarly reward their players and investors.

To celebrate the steadily increasing space and the multitude of opportunities that have sprung forth in recent months, the Axie Wrangler team made the decision to merge their operation into the larger P2E Professor project. As of today, has moved its home page to P2E Professor’s Axie Infinity Play to Earn Page and merged content teams to more comprehensively cover the expanding breadth of the GameFi space within the cryptocurrency niche. Axie players can still find important information about Axie gas fees, breeding Axies and other starter guides on the new page.

While the new website,, is in the process of expanding, there is plenty of new content in both the Play to Earn Pixel & Idle Games section and the P2E Space Games section. Both provide video analysis of current and upcoming play-to-earn blockchain games that people can start playing today to make money.

However, the volatility of the cryptocurrency space cannot be overstated. Play to earn projects are highly risky investments and the teams of neither nor purport to be financial advisors. Before investing in cryptocurrency, it is always advised that anyone speak to a financial advisor first.

To learn more about play to earn, NFTs and cryptocurrency, interested readers can visit to learn how to get started.


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