Aviation Business Consultants Offers Resume Service

John and Paula Williams of Tooele, UT-based Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI) are pleased to announce that they are now offering an aviation resume service for professional pilots, techs and other professionals. This service comes at a time of high demand because there are a number of people in the aviation industry who are in job-seeking mode, due to COVID-19 and other circumstances.

The company would like to point out a few differences between this offer and other resume services. The first of these is that the first step in the process is an extensive questionnaire designed to uncover the strengths of aviation professionals who employers are looking for. Some of these strengths are ones that should be on an individual’s resume — but which one may not have thought to include. The company also makes it a point to do a live consultation via teleconference to get to know the candidate personally. The company would also like to highlight that all of their professional writers have an aviation background and understand the unique vocabulary and terminology of this industry. To quote the website, this is why, “We create powerful, effective resumes that get results!”

A better resume leads to better career opportunities for candidates. Many aviation industry employers will sort through stacks of resumés to decide who they should interview, especially for competitive positions. This means that most candidates would not even get a chance to shine at the interview if their resume failed to impress. A resume is the first impression a company will have of a person, even if they have yet to meet. The team at ABCI is ready to help ensure that this vital document is as effective as it can be.

Aviation Business Consultants was started by John and Paula Williams as an aviation marketing practice in 2009 to combine their two passions, aviation and marketing. As their marketing brought in leads for their clients, the team discovered that many of these business owners and team members were in it because they love aviation or even people — but they did not love sales. Of course, one can always hire a salesperson, but great salespeople may still not know enough about the aviation industry either. The company launched their sales courses to solve two problems. One goal was to help non-salespeople feel confident managing prospects and helping them become new customers. The other was to help experienced salespeople become credible working in an industry that can be quite particular and elitist.

The company boasts a wide array of services, including their resume writing services and workshops. The resume workshops are conducted by Paula Williams, who has worked as a marketing consultant, product manager, staff writer, ad designer, marketing manager, process engineer and trainer over the course of her career. With her husband John Williams, she is co-author of the Social Media Guide for Aviation Professionals and co-host of a podcast on marketing in the aviation industry. Her education includes a Masters in Adult Education and BA in Mass Communication. She holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute as well.

The company helps design marketing strategies for those in the aviation industry. They can help design campaigns that are measurable and repeatable and get the results the client needs. The company also offers digital marketing, which leverages the power of the latest tools and technology to make more sales. Aviation Business Consultants also offers sales consulting where the company works with a client’s sales team in order to help them solve problems, get comfortable with new skills and reach new heights. Finally, they offer aviation sales training, developing high-performance salespeople who can help the whole company thrive.

Adam Sipe recommends Aviation Business Consultants International on the company’s Facebook page, stating that, “I've been working with Paula and John for quite some time now. They have helped me in more ways than I can possibly express. They are a great team and have excellent resources to help ensure your business is not only successful but also deliberate in adding value to the customers you want to attract and keep. I highly recommend ABCI to any aviation professional looking to go to the next level with their aviation project or business.”

To learn more about Aviation Business Consultants International, one may visit the company website or their social media platforms. One can also contact the company directly via phone or email.


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