Avalon Home Performance Offers Blown Insulation in Mesa AZ

Avalon Home Performance LLC, a company offering home insulation Mesa residents can rely on, has announced that they are providing blown insulation and spray foam insulation in Mesa, Phoenix and neighboring areas in Arizona. Blown insulation or blown-in insulation is a kind of home insulation that can help reduce energy bills. It can be used for new construction and also for existing homes as a way to add insulation for those that have insufficient insulation. The insulation material can be in the form of fiberglass, foam, or cellulose.

The process of blown-in insulation involves filling joist or stud cavities or covering attic floors with insulating material, such as cellulose, foam, or fiberglass that have high insulating R-value. The cellulose has been treated with certain chemicals to ensure that they are mold-resistant and flame-resistant. A mechanical blower / hopper uses paddles to loosen the packed insulating material and mix it with air, after which it blows it into the spaces or cavities where it is needed. The professionals from Avalon Home Performance are experienced and knowledgeable on how to use these machines properly and safely. They will continue blowing in the insulation until the targeted R-value has been reached.

Home Insulation Mesa

Meanwhile, spray foam insulation uses a relatively new kind of insulation, having been developed in 1986. It makes use of a unique kind of insulation and air barrier material that is capable of sealing floors, walls, and ceiling cavities, thus, preventing air movement as a way to avoid wasting heating or cooling energy and, thus, reduce energy bills.

The spray foam can be sprayed into an open space or cavity, such as attics, rim joists, crawl spaces, and other cavities in the home to prevent heated or cooled air from going into places where heating or cooling is not needed. An important advantage of spray foam is that it will never lose its shape, unlike with the usual insulation materials. It can fill gaps, cracks, and crevices and it will not sag, compress, or settle over time.

The spray foam insulation Mesa homes can use, ensures that the air in the home does not leak to the outside and neither can outside air get inside the home. This allows the heater or air conditioner to do less work, thus, the homeowner is able to save on energy bills. Homeowners will also notice that spray foam can be used as a solution for condensation on the walls. This condensation is an indication of the difference of the outside temperature and indoor temperature. It also means that there is insufficient insulation in the walls.

Having proper insulation, such as spray foam insulation, can also prevent ice dams that tend to form on the roofs of homes during winter. An ice dam occurs when water freezes on the roof and then heat from the attic melts the ice and the water from the melted ice flows down the roof, resulting in ice damming at the gutters at the end of the roof. Proper home insulation prevents heat from escaping from the attic, thus preventing ice dams.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that Avalon Home Performance offers various services for the home to prevent various problems, such as high energy bills because of inefficient and/or insufficient home insulation. They provide blown insulation and spray foam insulation to ensure that the home is properly insulated and to prevent air leaks.

They also install sunscreens, to minimize the heat from the sun entering the home during summer. These sun shades or solar screens offer a number of benefits, such as: reduction of cooling costs by as much as 25 percent; enhancement of the exterior of the home; increase in daytime privacy, while offering excellent outward visibility; protection of furniture, carpet, and blinds from fading and UV damage; and dramatic increase in the comfort level in the home.

They also provide exterior painting that will not only make the home more attractive. The exterior paint can also protect the home the elements, thus, extending the life of the various parts of the home.

For those who are interested in spray foam insulation and blown insulation Mesa homes require, they can check out the Avalon Home Performance website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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