Auto Repair And Service Shop NOLA Automotive Repairs Is Offering Tire Repair And Replacement Services In New Orleans

NOLA Automotive repairs, an auto repair and service shop in New Orleans, is offering tire repair and replacement services. The business has been in service for over 19 years. Apart from tire repairs, the shop also performs maintenance, overheating repair, transmission repair, steering repair, and brake systems repair.

Tires become damaged for many reasons such as rolling over a sharp object in the road, or from general wear and tear. The business says that if regular inspection and maintenance by a skilled, licensed auto mechanic is not carried out, tire blowout is a real possibility. This can lead to fatal accidents from loss of control on the highway at high speeds. NOLA strictly warns against traveling on three wheels as it is both problematic and dangerous to attempt. Those attempting to drive on a spare “doughnut” tire can only get so far.

Before coming in for tire repair in NOLA, as a preliminary check, drivers should listen to the sound of tires to assess if there might be any trouble. It is also helpful if they familiarize themselves with the parts of the tire and how each component reacts when it comes into contact with sharp objects like debris, rocks, and branches. It also helps to know what a bent tire rim feels like and how it causes the car to perform while on the road. Ideally, a driver should know what proper tire upkeep is in general, and how to perform these tasks on their own outside of their regular vehicle maintenance appointments. Finally, drivers should know what issues with the exhaust system sound and feel like when driving the vehicle.

NOLA says that there are only certain conditions under which the tire should be repaired. It is necessary to check whether the vehicle’s tires meet these requirements and are eligible for repair. There should be no sidewall damage as it renders tires useless and is not fixable. The damage should be limited to the tire’s tread. The tire should not be driven on while it was flat. The overall puncture to the tire should be less than one-fourth of an inch. Those looking for a tire replacement can avail of it in case the damage is more extensive than as mentioned.

When a customer brings their vehicle in for repairs, first, the mechanic will remove the tires from the vehicle and thoroughly inspect them to assess the damage. In some cases, a tire patch can be employed to repair the damage and save the expense of a brand new tire. Patching will be done from the inside and not the outside, meaning that the tire is patched, and the hole is filled from the inside of the tire instead of from the outside. Any tire that is patched from the outside will have little chance of withstanding the wear and tear from the road and any road debris it encounters. Any tire plugs, however, are meant to be temporary until the tire is taken to be professionally repaired.

A review of the shop’s service says, “I brought my vehicle here for repair and I really felt comfortable with leaving my car here…everyone that I encountered was very friendly and they seemed pretty honest…so I left my car for repair. I spoke mainly with Stacy and she was very helpful, very informative, and detailed with what I needed to get done to my car…I didn’t feel like they were trying to just screw me out of money….the issues that I went in there to get fixed…they told me that I could go without that, but needed something more serious done…and it cost less than what I was trying to get done…so I went with it and I felt that they were being truthful. One of my worries about going to auto shops sometimes is worried about being screwed over because I’m a woman and because I’m going into the shop by myself…but I go off of my instincts and I felt like the people at this shop were genuinely legit!!!”


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