Auto Recycling Company in Milton, FL Explains How and Why to Recycle an Unwanted Vehicle

auto recycling company in Milton, FL

Milton, Fla.– Everyone knows that it is important to recycle everyday items, such as bottles, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes, but what about cars? Though donating unwanted vehicles greatly benefits society, many may wonder how to do it. After all, an entire vehicle is not something that can simply be dropped into a recycling bin. To help inform the community on the process of car donation, as well as the benefits to doing so, auto recycling company Butler’s Auto Recycling is explaining how and why to recycle an unwanted vehicle.

Recycling cars is a wonderful way to be a help to other consumers. It fills auto salvage yards with plenty of parts that car owners can peruse when they need to repair their vehicle. This gives them the opportunity to purchase parts for a cheaper price, and it reduces the necessary rate of production of new parts. It also keeps the used ones from entering landfills.

In addition to providing car parts to other consumers, some folks choose to donate their vehicle as a charitable contribution to someone in need. This is when a person’s car still runs properly, but instead of selling it, they choose to let Butler’s Auto Recycling come pick up the car and pass it along to someone in need. In fact, the donator is given the opportunity to choose which charity he/she would like the car to go to, such as a school, shelter, non-profit organization, or church. The person then receives a tax donation receipt and the joy of knowing that the car will soon be in the hands of someone who really needs it.

The logistics of donating a car are simple– Butler’s takes care of them. As mentioned before, vehicles for charitable donation are picked up by Butler’s for free. For other unwanted vehicles, an individual can give Butler’s a call and receive assistance in figuring out the best path to take regarding donation.

Butler’s Auto Recycling is a salvage yard in Milton, FL that offers auto recycling services, as well as a variety of used car parts, sold both onsite and online. It has always been their company's goal to operate with supreme integrity and the highest level of excellence. For more information or further inquiries, give Butler’s Auto Recycling a call today at (850) 564-6566 or visit their website at


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