Auto Accident Attorney Atlanta Suggests What to Look for in a Lawyer When Seeking Help to Pursue a Car Crash Claim

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. heads a law firm that is very proud of the fact that they have successfully represented thousands of clients that have been injured in auto accidents in the Atlanta, GA area. This vast amount of experience handling car accident-related personal injury cases has also taught them that there are few times in a person’s life where they are surrounded by more stress and uncertainty than after they have been involved in a serious car crash. It’s a scenario that makes it critical for any accident victim to choose the right law firm to represent them to once again be made as whole as possible under the law. That’s why on the firm’s website, Attorney Nugent gives some sound advice for those wishing to file a car accident claim as to the best way to go about finding a competent and reliable auto accident lawyer.

This informational page starts by saying that first and foremost an accident victim should seek out a firm that has a history of representing its clients using the fullest extent of the law and has proven to have the experience and knowledge necessary to win even the toughest cases. It also stated that choosing to use an attorney as opposed to the victim trying to settle their case themselves gives them a better chance to maximize any settlement in the case. The webpage even briefly touched upon some of the most accident-prone areas of Atlanta such as I-85, I-75, Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, Old National Hwy, Metropolitan Pkwy SW, and the State Route 14 Connector. It also talks about how the first step after getting any necessary medical attention after an accident is to seek a consultation from a law firm that is known to specialize in auto accident injuries. They also must be able to accommodate those with handicaps, represent their clients aggressively, do thorough accident investigations, and be able to put the best interests of their clients ahead of theirs. Along with checking the previously mentioned boxes, a firm must also not be overstretched with cases and should have a vast amount of car crash litigation experience to produce the best results. The suggestions mentioned for hiring an attorney to help a victim pursue an auto accident injury claim take on even more significance if an injury puts future earning potential or quality of life in question.

Auto accident attorney atlanta

Attorney Nugent went on to say that he believes that their firm checks all of these boxes for hiring a competent vehicle accident injury attorney and more. They are known to be among the most aggressive firms in the Atlanta area when it comes to successfully resolving car accident personal injury claims in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Auto accident victims that have been represented by the firm often write testimonials that tend to back up what Attorney Nugent feels about the quality of his firm’s car accident representation. Shirley Baker stated, “Each team member went above and beyond to keep me posted on the whereabouts of my case and did their best work for me. I definitely would recommend this law office. My situation wasn't ideal because I reside in another state but they handled everything superbly.” Connie Nutt proclaimed, “This process was seamless and so easy to go through from the first time we called. I highly recommend calling Ken Nugent if you are in an accident. Everyone involved in our case was so helpful and very fast to get back to us if we had questions regarding the case.” Shay Moye wrote, “The response time to our claim was incredible. Ken Nugent and his office brought us comfort and relief. They were really empathetic to our situation. Their phrase ‘One Call that’s all’, is a true statement.”

The firm’s founding attorney also mentioned that they are happy to sit down with an accident victim and review their case with them to help determine the extent of their injuries and how they can help that victim if they decide to pursue an accident-related claim. He also reminded that the sooner someone who has been hurt in an auto accident retains legal counsel, the better chance they have of settling their legal claim in a very favorable manner.


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