Australia Based EduTech Platform Digital Entrepreneurs Hub Is Offering Entrepreneurship Training

Digital Entrepreneurs Hub is a global EduTech platform that aims to train and provide digital skill development to individuals who intend to become part of the world’s digital ecosystem. Readers can find out more about the EduTech company and its platform by heading over to the link at Digital Entrepreneurs Hub.

So far, the company has established a base in 3 countries, has served more than 150 clients, has trained more than 300 students, and has witnessed over 120 success stories arise from its efforts all over the world. The company offers a number of services such as helping entrepreneurs develop and scale their own digital agency, creating more digital entrepreneurs through world-class digital entrepreneurship training, and providing lead generation using fully automated funnels for entrepreneurs from developing countries.

The company’s leadership comprises a diverse bunch of thought leaders who each bring their own broad expertise and in-depth experience to serve its mission. The company’s Chief Executive Officer is Hemi Hossain, an accomplished author, winner of multiple business awards, and a Digital Entrepreneurship pioneer. The company’s Chief Operations Officer, David Kellam is a renowned strategy and digital marketing consultant who has helped hundreds of clients to grow by designing their system automation and integration process. Tom Matzen, a catalyst of many digital movements with vast experience in designing systems and sales funnels, is the company’s Chief Movement Maker.

The company’s website describes its mission and talks about the current progress it has made towards achieving its goals by saying, “Digital Entrepreneurs Hub was founded to create one million digital entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our objective is to help entrepreneurs in the developing world through world-class digital entrepreneurship training. We teach them to deliver outcomes and guarantee results for their clients. This gives them a six-figure USD income potential, whilst still providing affordable services to the developed world. It’s a win-win, not win-lose. This is about empowerment, not economic entrapment. We have started a global franchise model and the first country we have chosen is Bangladesh.”

On its website, Hemi Hossain talks about the company’s choice to start its operations in Bangladesh by saying, “Opportunities to contribute to the development of entrepreneurs through imparting knowledge, and thus facilitating economic prosperity of a country is a rare one. I am extremely privileged to have this rare opportunity to be in that position to play a role in the development of the economy of my motherland - Bangladesh. I had never forgotten my humble beginning in Bangladesh, and when the opportunity came to me to take this global franchise to different parts of the world, I had only one country in my mind to set it up first - Bangladesh.”

The programs currently offered by the platform include copywriting and content creation, social media ad management, and sales funnel with automation. The programs are designed by global industry experts and the classes are taught by world-class mentors from around the world with vast experience in the field that they are teaching in. Participants are required to complete a capstone and real-life project to put their skills to the test and make sure that they are capable of solving the challenges that they will face when they venture out on their own as entrepreneurs. The programs also provide students access to leading digital marketing software ensuring that their skills are up to snuff and meet the requirements of the current global market.

Apart from domain-specific knowledge, all three programs include common modules on topics such as the growth mindset, business communication, business acumen, and fundamentals of digital entrepreneurship. The growth mindset module includes six mentoring sessions from Hemi Hossain himself. The business communication module can unlock the doors to many new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The digital entrepreneurship module teaches topics such as lead management, system design, landing pages, social media marketing, engaging social media users, and more.

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