Austin Tree Services Uses Its Emergency Tree Removal Team to Keep a White Pine from Falling on Powerlines

Austin, Texas – Yesterday was a busy day for Austin Tree Services – the company arrived on Wilkin James’ landscape at around 6 pm to remove a falling white pine. Knowing that the tree couldn’t wait until the next morning, the company had to gather the emergency tree removal team as late as it was – the company reportedly took one hour to arrive at the emergency site.

“The tree has been dead for about 4 or 5 months now,” Wilkin James told reporters when he was asked how he missed the tree’s warning signs. “The plans for its removal were already underway and the tree would have gone before the end of next month. However, unknown to anyone, the tree has been decaying internally. Yesterday’s wind storm broke its already weak wood structure.”

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“Were it not for the oak trees standing next to it,” added Wilkin, “the white pine would have landed on the powerlines. The oak trees, however, were not much for the 150-foot white pine and waiting until today to call a tree removal team could have meant a power outage for the entire neighborhood. Luckily for everyone, Austin Tree Services was willing to work through the night.”

When the reporters dug deeper to understand what killed the white pine, they realized that the tree was over 183 years old. The reporters assumed that the tree could have been killed by old age. However, to prove their assumptions, they contacted the Austin Tree Services CEO for more information.

“An inspection into the tree’s cause of death revealed that the tree died when its lifespan run out,” the Austin Tree Services CEO told the reporters. “Being an old tree, the white pine held numerous memories for Wilkin’s family – this could be the reason he was reluctant in removing it.”

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The Austin Tree Services CEO added that being led by ‘how you feel’ – or emotions – is not always the best way to deal with hazards. By failing to remove his tree on time, Wilkin James risked losing a lot of money to property damage. According to the CEO, if the wind that broke the tree came in from the opposite direction, the tree would have landed on Wilkin’s house.

“Trees are vital elements on any landscape,” said the Austin Tree Services CEO. “But, once the trees suffer irreversible damage or die, keeping them around offers no benefits. Removing them as soon as possible is the key to improving safety for the landscape. It also creates space for new, healthy trees.”

Reporters wanted to understand whether Austin Tree Services handles all tree care procedures on a 24/7 basis. This question came from the fact that the company’s emergency tree service team worked from 6 pm to 12:30 am to remove the white pine on Wilkin’s landscape.

“It is only emergencies that the company handles outside normal work hours,” said the Austin Tree Services CEO. “Emergency tree removals cannot be postponed since they are generally on their way to causing damage. To help homeowners avoid spending a lot of money on repairs, the company’s team arrives at the emergency site less than 60 minutes after receiving an emergency-related call. It does not matter whether the homeowner calls at 6 pm like Wilkin did or at 10 pm, 11:30 pm, or 1:45 am – the team will wake up, gather its modern tree service tools and start heading to the emergency site immediately.”

Austin Tree Services reportedly used ropes and a crane to stabilize the Wilkin James’ white pine. Removing one foot at a time from the top, the company kept the tree from breaking again. After bringing the tree, the company ground the stump to increase safety.

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