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Austin Tenant Advisors is helping small businesses looking to establish a foothold in Austin, TX, get off to a flying start by securing their ideal location with the best possible leasing terms. Readers can find out more about the company by heading over to its website at the link:

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate as it is when it comes to building something from scratch that is profitable and sustainable. With their faculties split between focusing on ensuring their product or service is impeccable and their business processes are streamlined and efficient, there is very little room left for the busy work that is required to ensure they find a good location for their business. Even if they manage to find a great location, negotiating with the landlord is a whole different ball game. One must be well versed with local laws, rules, and regulations, and the current state of the city’s commercial or retail market to gain an upper hand in the ensuing negotiations. One of the ways to prevent oneself from making a misstep in this venture is to approach a real estate broker who can represent a business in its search for the ideal commercial or retail space for rent. This, however, can have several pitfalls.

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The spokesperson for Austin Tenant Advisors, Nathan Smith, talks about why one must be careful while choosing a real estate broker when leasing commercial real estate by saying, “You will meet all kinds of commercial real estate brokers who say they can represent your best interests. Most will represent the landlords. They will give promises which may or may not come to fruition when it comes time to sign the lease. Since they have a fiduciary duty towards the landlord, they will also give you leasing terms that benefit the landlord, not the tenant. If you are new to the city and not cognizant of the ins and outs of its commercial real estate market, you could potentially end up in an undesirable with terms that don't meet your business needs or your bottom line. They will also have limited inventory to show you as they will, most likely, represent a single landlord. This will limit your reach. It is also possible that they will end up pushing a commercial space on you that may not be aligned with the future growth of your small business. The best way to avoid these problems is to find a commercial real estate broker that offers tenant representation, such as Austin Tenant Advisors. We have never represented and will never represent the landlords. We are thoroughly focused on being a real estate broker that helps businesses find the perfect commercial space for rent for their needs. So if you are looking to find commercial space for rent Austin TX is one of the best cities to be setting up shop and Austin Tenant Advisors is the ideal partner for your search.”

A tenant representative will be unbiased as they pull their inventory of properties from all around the city. They are not beholden to only market the properties of a single landlord. From site selection to leasing negotiations to occupancy, a tenant representative will be dedicated to acting in the client’s best interests. This will mean that a business will be able to start operations quicker than if they went searching for a property and dealing with landlords on their own. It also means that businesses will save money as they will be provided the best deals from all the suitable properties that are currently available on the market. Tenant representation is also a free service as the company makes its money by charging the landlords a fee. Moreover, it also frees up the business owner’s time and resources as tenant representatives will be able to connect them with other contractors and service providers such as architects, attorneys, and furniture vendors. They can even help them consult on ideal office space layouts and help get construction bids.

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