Austin’s Rhino Home Care is the Rare Company that Provides Both Fencing and Lawn Care Services

If someone looks around the Austin, Texas area for lawn care and fencing professionals, they will find some companies that specialize in one of these types of home care services but not the other. That’s what makes Rhino Home Care so unique. They are that rare Austin area company that excels at both fencing and lawn care tasks. It’s also a business niche that has drawn many customers their way since the company’s inception in 2017.

The company spokesperson, Toni S., says, “We are a company that knows what it’s like to be frustrated with low-quality specialty services in the Austin area. After all, our frustration with these things is the very reason that our company came into being. We knew that with our personnel’s extensive backgrounds in fencing and lawn care that we could take these two services to a much higher level by combining quality work with excellent customer service. The fact that our business has grown steadily every year since we first started is a testament to the fact that we have the right formula when it comes to satisfying our many lawn care and fencing customers.”

Rhino Home Care

Toni went on to say that one of the reasons that homeowners get frustrated with specialty service companies in the Austin area is that those companies base their services around jargon and unkept promises. That’s why they go out of their way to not make any promises that they as a company cannot deliver on. He stated that they strongly feel like this is one of the reasons that they have established a great working relationship with so many of their customers. It also helps that they are staffed by true fencing and lawn care professionals that are dedicated to delivering top-of-the-class service to all those that they perform work for. This attitude is directly reflected in the companies mission statement which partially reads, “Our mission is to always innovate new and better ways for lawn care and fencing services that are delivered to homeowners at an affordable price. The company’s entire mission statement can be read about on the ‘about us’ page of their website which can be seen here at Toni added that they also spare no expense when it comes to the lawn and fencing equipment that they purchase because they realize this will only further enhance the quality of their services.

The company spokesperson then proceeded to talk more about the specialty lawn care and fencing services that they offer. He says that their lawn care services go well beyond that of more traditional mowing, edging, and trimming work. This includes a large variety of landscaping services that will enhance the looks and value of any homeowner’s property. Toni mentioned that they also get rave reviews for their hedge and tree trimming services. They also offer lawn weed and insect control and are even to help their customers with any garden maintenance tasks that a customer requests them to do. As with their lawn care services, they also offer a wide selection of fencing tasks that their customers can choose from. This includes being able to expertly install all different types of wood and composite fencing materials. He stated that they also do a great job when it comes to fence staining and they can fabricate or find replacement parts that will enable them to do just about any type of fence repair. The company spokesperson also emphasized that they are more than happy to make an appearance at any customer’s home to discuss with them how they can best use the lawn care and fencing services that they offer.

Toni also stated that they are proud of their highest BBB rating of A+ and they are happy to stand behind all of the fencing and lawn care services that they perform. Those that wish to get more information on this company’s premier lawn care and fencing services can do so by visiting their website or by checking out their YouTube Channel at


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