Austin Daycare Happy Bunnies Child Care Is Inviting Parents To Schedule A Free Consultation

Happy Bunnies Child Care School in Austin, Texas, is encouraging new parents in the city to visit its location or head over to its website to find out more about what the childcare school can do for them and their wards.

The Austin child care school has been operational at its current location since 1993 when it was known as the Child’s Way Creative Learning Center. In 2018, it was taken over by seasoned childcare expert Magdalena MacLeod and was renamed the Happy Bunnies Child Care School. Along with the rebranding, the school saw a dramatic shift in its teaching methodology guided by Mrs. MacLeod’s vision for what the ideal childcare center should be like. She runs the school alongside her husband Colin MacLeod. Together, in 2008, the pair took over 3 well-established daycare centers and preschools near London, England, and began running a purpose-built early learning center. Then, in 2018, the couple moved to the United States to set up Happy Bunnies Child Care School in Austin.

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Magdalena MacLeod talks about what makes the education at Happy Bunnies Child Care School unique by saying, “Happy Bunnies is the only preschool in Texas to offer a unique experience with the highly regarded UK curriculum that has worked wonders for the children in London. We are also currently in the process of securing the Texas Rising Star accreditation for our daycare. We aim to deliver quality childcare for babies to preschoolers, ages 0 through 5. We also work around our parents’ schedules and requirements, giving them the freedom and flexibility to swap sessions as they see fit – a luxury that is rarely afforded by other preschools and daycare centers in the country. We believe in small group sizes to give our children the personalized attention that is going to help them learn and grow to their fullest potential. The curriculum that we have planned for our children is highly structured but is still engaging enough to ensure that they are never bored with learning. We manage to provide all of these high-quality services at some of the most affordable child care tuition costs in Austin, TX. So, if you live near us and have a child that you want to give the best possible chance of growing up to be a bright and emotionally resilient individual, visit us or give us a call to find out more about what we offer.”

The cost of sending one’s baby or toddler to daycare varies a lot based on where one lives in the country. The national average cost of daycare in the US is roughly $991 per month for babies and $847 per month for toddlers. Apart from the location, the age of the child also determines the cost with prices falling as children grow a little older and need less hands-on care. Younger children also require more teachers in the room to adhere to state and federal guidelines. Some daycare centers will also include the price for enrichment activities such as field trips within their costs while some will charge separately based on the planned event and the student’s participation.

The school’s Austin daycare prices are right around the national average. The company offers two categories of child care services based on the time slot that the parents wish to leave their child at the daycare. Parents can either choose a part-time daycare service from 9 AM to 2 PM or a full-time daycare service from 7 AM to 6 PM. Parents can also choose between using the daycare for either 2 days a week, 3 days a week, or 5 days a week. Happy Bunnies Child Care School also participates in a child care program in association with the Texas Workforce Commission that is specifically meant to help parents who have a low income. The preschool accepts registration from subsidized children and can help their parents check their eligibility with the Austin Workforce Commission and how much they will have to pay under the scheme.

Happy Bunnies Child Care School can be contacted at the phone number (512) 817-1917 or the email address to schedule a free consultation.


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