Attorney for Criminal Defense in Pensacola, FL Highlights a New Bill that Adds Protections to Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets

Pensacola, Fla. – Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A., an attorney for criminal defense in Pensacola, FL, explains the new Florida state bill regarding domestic violence that allows pets to now be placed under protection along with the victim.

It has been found that in the past, many survivors of domestic violence have admittedly returned to their abusive partners because they were concerned about their pets. Survivors have also stated that their partners had threatened to harm or kill their pets. Making this type of threat aids the abuser in keeping the victim from reporting to the authorities; the victim becomes fearful of doing anything that would upset their abuser because they are afraid the abuser may harm their animal. However, this fear is not irrational because there have also been many cases where the abuser does harm or kill the pet.

This issue of animal abuse has sprung the formulation of a new bill that gives animals protection from domestic violence. The new law, SB 1082, states that judges can now issue restraining orders that not only include the human victim, but also the victim’s pets. It also allows domestic violence survivors to keep and care for their animals after reporting domestic abuse. This bill officially went into effect on July 1, which was a perfect time to introduce the bill because the increased lengths of time that people are staying at home has caused domestic violence to increase.

Craig A. Vigodsky, a child support lawyer in Pensacola, FL, understands the turmoil that domestic violence causes. He is thrilled that domestic violence survivors can now be confident that their pets will remain protected from the abuser. Though it is only one piece of a large puzzle, the security of pet protection is now one thing that domestic violence victims can cease worrying about, as they already carry a load of anxieties daily. For information or help regarding family law, contact Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A. today at (850) 912-8520, or visit his website at


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