Attic Insulation Available In New Orleans

Louisiana based Star Spray Foam is pleased to announce that they provide attic insulation in New Orleans. The company reassures their community that the challenges presented by the pandemic will not unduly hamper their services, and customer safety remains a high priority for their team.

According to the company, the main reasons homeowners elect to have their attic insulated are to reduce their energy bills and maintain a comfortable interior temperature over the summer as well as the winter. Poor insulation can cause a home to lose its heat much quicker than preferred, for instance, which in turn causes its inhabitants more discomfort as well as forces their heating system to work even harder to compensate. However, such energy leaks can also occur in the winter, leading to higher air conditioning bills. To get out ahead of this problem, the company encourages homeowners to consider having a reliable contractor install high-quality spray foam insulation if their energy bills are too high.

The first step of this process, the company states, is to have one of their professional insulation contractors evaluate the property’s current standard of insulation. This process will give the homeowner an idea of where they may be suffering the biggest energy losses, following which the contractor may recommend a suitable type of insulation to rectify the issue. Fortunately for homeowners in this position, Star Spray Foam offers both affordable and efficient insulation services that are designed specifically to address the needs of communities in New Orleans.

While energy is often lost through the attic, the company states that it is not the only area that needs to be insulated. Their team utilizes multiple forms of spray foam insulation (including open-cell spray foam insulation, closed-cell spray foam insulation, and cellulose fiber insulation) to address each facet of a house’s needs since each type is best suited for a particular purpose. Open-cell spray foam insulation, for instance, expands when applied, making it useful in corners and tight spaces. Conversely, closed-cell spray foam insulation is designed for larger areas. Last but not least, homeowners value cellulose fiber insulation due in part to its flame-resistant and sound-proofing qualities. Those who reach out to Star Spray Foam for assistance will always receive the benefit of their expertise in this subject, ensuring that any insulation foam installed will suit their house’s unique requirements.

One of their customers left a Google review for them a few months ago and gave the company a full 5-Star rating for their services. “Star Spray Foam provided insulation underneath our floor because our basement gets cold and drafty during very cold winters,” the review explains. “They thoroughly applied spray foam between the floor joists. They did a great job, and my floors are noticeably warmer as well as now being protected from moisture. We noticed that our energy bills significantly decreased. I would recommend this company to anyone. See how much you can save!”

A more recent review, however, shed more light on how they approach any project and how they conduct themselves with customers. The review says, “Used these guys for a home renovation/addition project and received quality service from start to finish. They came out to give me a quote the day after I called and started the project right when I needed them to. The price was fair for a 3000 sq ft job, and the employees’ onsite workmanship was a highlight to me. They covered everything before starting and swept the site clean afterward. The final product is much better than the previous insulation install I had, which I thought was good but these guys also covered the rafters. The quality and performance of this product are worth it.”

Those looking for an insulation company in NOLA are welcome to contact Star Spray Foam today to get started. Further details regarding the company’s services and their time in the industry can be found on their website as well.


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