AToN Center Now In-Network with MHN and Health Net

Accepting MHN and Health Net Allows AToN Center to Better Serve Those Needing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

AToN Center Luxury Addiction Treatment

Encinitas, California, April 19 2021-- The rise in addiction and substance abuse in the United States is steadily increasing, making treatment centers in high demand. The health benefits of going to treatment include an increased quality of life, improved relationships and a reduced risk for medical issues. On top of these benefits, going to treatment could be the difference in life or death.

Many people struggle with the financial burden and hardship that comes with paying for the costs of a treatment program. AToN Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with MHN and Health Net insurance company. Those that are in-network with MHN or Health Net insurance will now have access to high quality addiction treatment services.

"We are extremely happy and grateful to now be in-network with MHN and Health Net insurance. This will create more opportunities for those suffering with addiction to gain access to addiction treatment," stated, James Brady, CEO. "This new partnership with MHN and Health Net will allow more individuals who are in need of substance abuse treatment, receive services at AToN Center."

Health Net is one of the largest American managed health network insurance providers. Health Net's behavioral health and mental health services subsidiary, MHN, provides behavioral health, substance abuse and employee assistance programs (EAPs) to approximately 7.3 million individuals in various states, including the company's own health plan members.

MHN behavioral health plans cover medically necessary mental health services and substance use disorder treatment at various levels. AToN Center a residential and detoxification facility, can now accept clients needing this level of care. AToN Center offers sessions with therapists, psychiatrists or psychologists as needed during a client stay.

Now that AToN Center is an in-network provider with MHN and Health Net insurance, they are able to provide exceptional treatment services to the individuals who have plans with them. This helps to drastically reduce the potential out of pocket costs for members. AToN Center is confident that MHN and Health Net will be a contributor in getting clients the substance use disorder treatment they need for their recovery.

At AToN Center they strongly believe the Health Net and MHN partnership will help reduce the barrier for a person seeking help for an addiction problem. For some individuals getting treatment could save their life. The program at AToN Center treats all types of addiction including drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs.

When someone calls a treatment center, they are looking for answers and being in-network will aide in accommodating the finances. A person’s insurance plan will dictate the cost they will need to pay for anything not covered, and the rate negotiated with AToN Center on the insured’s behalf from MHN and Heath Net makes this an easier decision.

Finding the right treatment center can seem overwhelming due to the large network of providers that are available. Choosing AToN Center is the right choice for addiction treatment. In comparison to national norms, AToN Center has an exceptionally high treatment completion rate (69% versus the national norm of 56%). They are one of the front liners in substance abuse treatment, with highly skilled doctoral level clinicians that specialize in addiction.

"I am impressed everyday with the gifted group of clinicians and entire staff that I work with at our rehab center. Not only are they trained to work with our clients, but they truly care about the overall outcomes of every single person that we serve," said Brady.

Unlike other treatment centers that solely focus on a 12-step program method, AToN Center takes a different approach to individualized treatment. They offer holistic care options and other evidence-based treatment methods that are backed by extensive research, such as cognitive behavioral therapies.

Some of the other amenities that AToN Center offers clients include:

● Acupuncture

● Assertiveness Training


● Discharge Planning and Lifetime Aftercare


● Family Therapy

● Meditation

● Physical Fitness

● Relapse Prevention at AToN Center

Going to treatment is an important decision that affects not only the person going to treatment but their friends and families as well. It is a significant investment in a person's time, energy, and lifestyle. With this being said, AToN Center recognizes this and tracks outcomes for each client upon leaving the center.

When someone goes to AToN Center for treatment they will be extremely pleased with their outcomes and experience. Now being in-network with MHN and Health Net insurance plans will allow AToN Center to continue to provide the best possible addiction treatment care and resources to clients who walk through the door.

For more information on AToN Center or the treatment program options, please contact them today.

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