Atlanta Tree Service Experts Develops A Program to Improve Tree Health

Atlanta, Georgia -

Atlanta, Georgia - After recent research in Atlanta showed that the number of unhealthy trees is higher than that of healthy trees, Atlanta Tree Service Experts found it wise to create a program that would help reduce the number of sick trees.

"Trees' health is a major concern for Atlanta Tree Service Experts," said the CEO, Mr. Elliot Craven. "Therefore, when the company sent the research team to collect data on healthy and unhealthy trees and came back with unpleasing findings, the company had to find ways to reduce the number of unhealthy trees. That is when the company created a program containing all possible solutions."

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The CEO revealed that the program was mainly concerned with lowering tree service charges.

"The high number of unhealthy trees suggested that most homeowners didn't take good care of their trees," said the CEO. "The team indicated that the main reason behind this was the lack of money to invest in professional tree care services. In response, Atlanta Tree Service Experts thought reducing tree care costs would be the best solution to the problem."

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The CEO then revealed the steps Atlanta Tree Service Experts had taken to reduce the service charges.

"To keep the money homeowners spend on tree care to a minimum," said the CEO, "Atlanta Tree Service Experts has scrubbed off all the tree inspection costs."

"Professional inspection is vital," continued Elliot Craven. "You have seen car owners visiting the garage now and then to get their cars inspected. Doing so allows them to keep their cars roadworthy for a long time. The trees are not any different. Regular professional checkups translate to a long tree life as the tree's health is kept in check."

"The company will also be giving free tree consultations via its offices," added the CEO. "Homeowners should, however, carry clear pictures showing their concern when going for consultations to avoid giving misguiding information."

Elliot Craven also noted that Atlanta Tree Service Experts would begin a tree care campaign tomorrow, educating people on the importance of keeping their trees healthy.

"It would be lame to assume that everybody who doesn't take care of their trees is struggling financially," said the CEO. "Some just don't know why they should take care of their trees."

"To enlighten this group of people," continued Elliot Craven, "the Atlanta Tree Service Experts team will begin a campaign tomorrow speaking on the importance of healthy trees and why professional tree care services are paramount. The campaign is expected to take around three weeks. People knowledgeable about tree care can also assist in disseminating information."

The CEO noted that Atlanta Tree Service Experts would update homeowners on how far they have gone with increasing the number of healthy trees via the company's media room.

"A while back," said the CEO, "Atlanta Tree Service Experts introduced a norm of sharing everything happening within the company through the media room. That has helped the clients understand the company better."

"The progress made in reducing the number of unhealthy trees will also be aired through the media room," added the CEO. "Therefore, homeowners should keep checking the newsroom for updates. They also shouldn't forget that the fight against unhealthy trees starts with them placing their bookings with Atlanta Tree Service Experts."

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