Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Ken Nugent Guides Accident Victims On Finding The Right Attorney

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys at Law, considered by many to be the best personal injury law firm Atlanta has to offer, is educating the city’s residents about how they can go about finding and vetting a law firm to defend them after they have been in a car accident.

The law firm’s eponymous founder, Ken Nugent, talks about the primary consideration that one should make when selecting a law firm to represent them by saying, “Law firms will tout a lot of statistics about how much money they have secured in trial victories and settlements over the years for their clients. However, this is a very myopic way of looking at a law firm’s efficacy because it is easy for a single large case to skew this number. The total money they have won for their clients is meaningless unless you dive into the details and verify that the law firm has been able to win cases whose circumstances match yours. At our law firm, we have published a sampling of our victories on our website for you to peruse. You will see that we have represented clients in a wide variety of cases covering all aspects of personal injury law and we have managed to get them fairly compensated for their misfortunes. A lot of law firms will offer personal injury representation as an afterthought alongside their other legal pursuits. Here at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys at Law we focus on personal injury law. This enables us to serve all clients whose cases fit within its broad legal definition. We have assembled a team that has over 350 years of combined legal experience in personal injury law. Having defended all kinds of victims for over 30 years, I believe that we are the definitive law firm in the state of Georgia for personal injury cases.”

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

The law firm’s website recommends getting referrals for lawyers from one’s network of friends, families, and acquaintances. These recommendations should always be followed up by an inquiry into the level of service received and, most importantly, whether the outcome of their case was favorable. Local lawyers, even those who might not be practicing personal injury law themselves, should also be a good source of getting contacts. Other people to turn to could be owners of local businesses and professionals who work in social services.

Next, the internet has made searching for the right service provider in any industry a cinch and the same applies to the legal profession. A broad internet query is one avenue to try. Accident victims can also rely on online legal directories that keep track of legal professionals in their area and then rate them based on their recent performance. Some of the more prominent legal directories whose reputation makes their recommendations carry some weight include Avvo and SuperLawyers. Other public data sources to find lawyers include going through the state’s bar association database, looking for attorneys in the phone book, or responding to ads in print and visual media.

Once a few leads have been established, the victim should read the reviews of the law firm whose work most aligns with their case. The reviews should be studied to gauge the level of customer service that the law firm provides, how responsive it is when it comes to answering its clients’ legal questions, and how hard it fights their cases. Once a few candidates have been narrowed down, the personal injury victim should schedule a consultation with the firm. The first consultation should generally be free as it gives both the client and attorney a chance to determine whether they are a good fit for each other.

Atlanta personal injury attorney Ken Nugent also suggests to clients who are looking for legal representation that, “No matter how you end up finding someone to fight for you, it is important that you not waste too much time on the process as it becomes harder to get a favorable verdict or settlement the longer you delay it.”


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