Atlanta News And Talk Launching Hometown Places

Atlanta, GA #atlanta-ga – AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com announced today it is adding Hometown Places for Atlanta business owners to create and display their business information.

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Launching Hometown Places

Hometown Places includes the ability for the Atlanta business owner to display their business information such as name, address, locations, website addresses, reviews, photos and videos.

Especially during these unprecedented times of the pandemic, business owners need to update their business information more often and Atlanta News And Talk is making that possible.

Troy Warren, Executive Producer of Infotainment Radio which powers Atlanta News And Talk mentioned, “Particularly now during the pandemic it is paramount that business owners can get all of their business information in one convenient place for their customers and new patrons to access.”

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Hometown Places

Atlanta News And Talk is a comprehensive site consisting of daily Hometown LOCAL News, PR News, Events, Hometown Foodie, Hometown Woof Post, Hometown Classic Car of the Day and deals for consumers in the Atlanta Metro area.

The official hashtag for Atlanta News And Talk is #atlanta-ga.


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