Atlanta News And Talk Hometown Foodie Columnist Ellen Britt Enters Rouxbe’s Plant Based Professional Certification Program

Atlanta, GA #atlanta-ga (CNT) AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com announced today that Atlanta Hometown Ambassador and Hometown Foodie columnist Ellen Britt has enrolled in Rouxbe’s Plant Based Certification Course.

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Hometown Foodie Columnist Ellen Britt

Rouxbe is the world’s largest professional online culinary school and boasts some 300,000 students from around the world. The Plant Based Certification is just one of the many courses Rouxbe offers, whether someone just wants to brush up on their home cooking skills or they aspire to become a professional cook.

Rouxbe’s Plant Based Certification program is rigorous, consisting of some 18 Units, 447 tasks to be completed and 428 instructional videos, plus a final exam which must be successfully completed within six months in order to be certified.

Ellen is very excited to have the opportunity to increase her culinary skills through the Rouxbe program. She explains, “Our Hometown News Network audience will get to learn right alongside me everyday in the Hometown Foodie column as I amp up my culinary skills in the fast expanding world of plant based cooking.”

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AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Ellen Britt Hometown Foodie Columnist

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