Atlanta Intersection Lawyer Offers Help for A Fair Settlement

The Brown Firm has posted a new blog post on the dangers of intersection accidents, advising victims and loved ones to seek legal help for a fair settlement. Intersection accidents have become widely common due to negligent driving behavior, such as distracted or drunk driving. Victims of intersection accidents have the right to compensation.

Harry Brown Jr., DC, JD, managing attorney at The Brown Firm, shares startling statistics of intersection collisions, which amount to almost 2.5 million. A majority of those accidents involve left turns. Atlanta has some dangerous intersections with a lot of traffic in the city.

Car Accident in an Atlanta Intersection

“Up to 165,000 car accidents and injuries a year could be avoided if not for red-light runners. Annually, just by red-light runners, about 800 people lose their lives to traffic fatalities.”

These intersection collisions occur due to a driver's negligence, says the top intersection accident attorney in Atlanta, suggesting that the victim is eligible for coverage from an insurance company. The accident victim has the right to compensation for property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

The Atlanta car accident lawyers at The Brown Firm follow an individual approach to making clients feel comfortable expressing expectations from their intersection accident claim. The Brown Firm lawyers are empathetic in understanding clients’ needs, pain and suffering, and financial losses and fight tirelessly for them. The Brown Firm attorney will gather evidence, take care of formalities, and present clients with possible options.

The need to hire an Atlanta intersection accident attorney cannot be overstressed, suggests the blog post, adding, “No insurance company wants to go to court against a victim because the jury usually votes to the injured person's advantage. Showing up with a lawyer to the meeting tells them that you're ready to do what it takes to win your claim. In this situation, they are more willing to propose a fair settlement. In case the insurance company or the at-fault driver doesn't agree to a settlement, or they propose less than you expect, our intersection accident lawyer in Georgia is an expert at helping accident victims get the settlement offer they deserve.”

Atlanta-based personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis on behalf of clients as they understand that the client is in a financially stressed position following an accident, which can leave the victim with hospital medical bills to pay, significant car damages requiring repairs, and loss of salary due to missed workdays. The Brown Firm understands clients’ physical pain and emotional losses and charges them nothing upfront, which means clients pay only if the intersection accident attorney wins their case.

An experienced Atlanta attorney for car accidents knows their job well and gives victims of intersection accidents a better chance of getting compensation for their pain and suffering. This allows the victim to be able to focus on recovering from their injuries. The Brown Firm takes care of all legal formalities, ensuring clients do not miss deadlines and properly document documents. Anybody seeking a compensation claim due to an intersection accident in Atlanta, GA, should get in touch with The Brown Firm to contact an experienced Georgia collision attorney to file their insurance claim. The best intersection car accident lawyers in Atlanta can explain legal rights to the victim and help them get full compensation for their losses. Check The Brown Firm website for a free consultation.


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