Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Blog Gives Excellent Information on How Related Litigation Fees are Calculated

The Angell Law Firm, has recently published a new blog post on how they handle fees for the car accident cases that they litigate. This is excellent information for those who have been injured in an automobile accident through no fault of their own and feel they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to seek compensation for their injuries.

The law firm’s founder, Bryce Angell, who is also a respected Atlanta car accident attorney, says, “One of the most traumatic experiences that anyone will ever have to go through is being the victim of an auto accident. This is especially true if they have received injuries that cause medical bills to pile up combined with lost income from missing work. The physical and emotional stress that accompanies these things can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, there are laws in place in Atlanta that allow victims that have suffered from another’s negligence behind the wheel to seek restitution. This is best done by hiring an experienced car accident attorney such as ours. If we take on a case there are no upfront fees involved and we will not ask for a dime unless we litigate a case to a successful outcome. This is explained very well in the blog article that we just posted to our website.”

Atlanta car accident injury lawyer

This recently posted blog stated that most law practices like them operate on what are known as ‘contingency fees’. These are put in place once there has been an initial consultation between the firm and a client and the firm has agreed to take the case. This agreement is paired with the understanding that the attorney only collects a fee if the client wins the case. Winning the case is perceived as a client receiving a car accident settlement from an at-fault driver’s insurance company or getting a court judgment in favor of a car accident lawsuit that was brought forth. Any fees that are to be paid to The Angell Law Firm are ‘contingent’ on one of these two legal outcomes.

The blog post went on to talk about how a contingency fee that the law practice receives is calculated. It states that most contingency fees are in the 25% – 40% range but 33% is generally considered the standard. It gave the example that if a client receives $90,000 in a settlement for their car accident injury case, the firm will receive $30,000 at the standard contingency percentage. In the article, it was also mentioned that higher attorney contingency percentages are usually associated with cases that have to go to trial to be successfully litigated. Also discussed in the blog post was that contingency payments are only applicable if someone is the victim in an automobile mishap.

At the end, the newly posted blog article highly recommended retaining the services of an experienced car accident attorney right away after someone has become a victim of another’s neglect while driving. The blog says hiring a lawyer even has value in minor accident situations. It was stated in the post that hiring an attorney does more than just give the victim the best chance to bring their car accident case to a successful conclusion. It also helps insulate a victim from the pressure that the defendants insurance companies often put on accident victims to get them to settle a legal claim for an unfavorable amount. This explanatory blog article can be seen in its entirety here at

The Angell Law Firm also gets many exceptional reviews from those that have experienced their car accident-related legal services firsthand. Andres Hernandez wrote, “Great experience with the angel law firm, made the whole experience easy and Grisel was great keeping me updated on my case and answering any questions I had. Highly recommended to anyone involved in an auto accident!” This review was taken from the firm’s Google Map Listing where they have a very respectable overall rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5-stars. More information about this law firm’s car accident and other highly rated legal services can be seen on their website or their Facebook page.


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