Asphalt Roof Install Specialist in Denver Shares Insight on Animal Damage

Golden, CO-based Roper Roofing & Solar recently published a new blog post on their website that aims to help their community determine whether small animals can cause damage to their roofs. While small animals do not initially pose a great risk to a roof, the company asserts that there are some factors they should keep in mind.

Roper Roofing begins by reassuring homeowners that local fauna is not likely to tear off shingles or otherwise intentionally cause damage to a roof. However, nesting creatures can reduce the integrity of a roof as a consequence of building their homes, and this issue will only get more pronounced the longer they are allowed to nest.

In the beginning, this damage may not occur since the nest is new and the young have not hatched yet. However, as time goes on, they may pass through the cracks in the roofing (caused by other events, such as weathering or age) as they explore, eventually digging into the roof’s insulation. An exterminator may be needed at this point, but the company assures homeowners that they can call on Roper Roofing’s team to clear any nests before nests become too much of a menace. However, there are certain actions a homeowner can take to prevent this issue from ever occurring.

One tip the company shares is to keep the house’s gutter clear of debris. While many will know this is necessary to allow water flow during the rains as well as limit the amount of weight on a gutter, removing leaves and twigs will also stop birds and mice from deciding the gutter is a good place to nest in. Roper Roofing also recommends that the roof be inspected every now and then to ensure nothing needs professional attention. In addition to alerting a homeowner to damage from other sources, such inspections will also let them know if nests have begun to crop up on their roof. Mice infestations, the company says, can begin this way, which is why catching the issue early is ideal. Read more on the Roper Roofing & Solar blog post.

Roper Roofing & Solar has served local communities for many years and they have long earned the distinction of being many homeowners’ preferred roofing provider. This is due to the company’s commitment to transparency and open communications as much as it is to their expertise in the field. Many of the reviews they receive praise the company for its professional conduct and prompt responses, among many other benefits.

J. Eckelberger’s 5-star Google review illustrates this to an extent by sharing that, “John Jamison helped me to replace my home's roof after a hail claim and he was a delight to work with. John was always there to ensure things were done properly and didn't hesitate to call back one of his contractors when a part of the job wasn't up to par. I would recommend John and his team to anyone looking to replace their roof as his professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.”

Another customer’s review adds that “I can not express enough about the promptness and professionalism of Roper Roofing. I had a leak in my roof with water coming into my office. I did not know where or who to begin to call. I called a few places who told me it would be a 3-week wait!!! I was talking to a friend who referred me to Roper Roofing- Johno was prompt, efficient, climbed up the roof, looked into the attic, took pictures, performed a temporary fix, and then came back on the first sunny day to complete the fix. So very grateful.” The customer, M. Pancoast, indicates that they contracted the company following damage caused by adverse weather.

The company’s commitment to their community is one of the main reasons they publish tips and share insight that homeowners can put to use in the care of their own homes. On one hand, the company believes that simple preventative measures and non-professional fixes can go a long way in helping people improve the longevity of their roofs by themselves. However, there are cases where professional help is required, and the company similarly believes that informed homeowners will be more likely to call their office if they can accurately recognize such situations.

Those looking for professional roofing service are welcome to contact Brent Roper of Roper Roofing & Solar to schedule a visit. Further information on their services can also be found on their website. Learn more here: Asphalt Roof Install in Denver.


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